5 Underrated Perks of Remote Working


Almost half of the population worked from home at some point in 2020, and many experienced the benefits of remote working for the first time. With the average UK commute time increasing every year, the ten-second commute from the bedroom to the home office is more alluring than ever. However this is not the only upside to working remotely, we are here to show you 5 underrated perks of remote working that you didn't know you’re missing.


Access to your whole kitchen at lunchtime

Lunch is an important break from the monotony of the workday. A coffee and a sandwich on Monday, a coffee and a bagel on Tuesday, and… a coffee and sandwich on Wednesday. It all gets a bit repetitive, and expensive. Surveys revealed that the average lunch in the UK costs £6.08. Meanwhile £6.08 at any supermarket could buy enough ingredients that even the shoddiest chef could piece together a sizable meal of homemade deliciousness. Not having to share the office kitchen area is a benefit far too commonly overlooked, no longer do you have to bring a new mug every couple months because it’s mysteriously disappeared. You’ll also find that you can now use an oven to broaden your lunch habits if you so dare to dream big enough. There’s no one to judge you for bunging cheesy chips into the oven just before a meeting, which if timed right will be crispy just as the meeting ends.  


Wear what you want! 

Cast your mind back and remember the unparalleled comfort of those special non-uniform days at school, you could scrap the tie and itchy trousers and enjoy the comfort of your favourite joggers. Well, when working from home you can relive this feeling. Have full access to your wardrobe and wear whatever you want, there’s no train to catch, café to eat in or co-workers to judge you. Social norms have also given some leeway to work attire during virtual meetings, as people collectively decided they didn’t feel like dressing up in a suit and tie at home. Also, while we don’t recommend it, you do technically have total freedom of what to wear on the bottom half, so long as it is below camera line!


Temperature Control

This one is for those of you who always find the office just a couple degrees too chilly. The ‘battle of the thermostat’ is pleasantly absent whilst working from home. As it turns out, offices were built to maximise the average 1970’s man’s productivity, and nobody told them to stop. As a result, many men and women of today suffer from the office from being too cold. Meanwhile at home, you are your own master and can control the temperature how ever you want! 


Total Control over your Personal Space

If you’ve been working in the office for a while I’m sure you’ve developed an incredibly specific set of requirements for how your desk must be laid out. However, no matter how you've enhanced your office cubicle’s comfort it will always be limited to company policy and social pressure. There are no limits when you’re working from home. As of this moment, I have nail clippers, earbuds, a hairbrush, an electric fan, 2 cacti, three glasses of water, and tissues all in arm’s reach. It’s a tad untidy, I'll admit, but if you have all those things at your office desk, you’re a liar. It’s not just random bits and bobs that remote working gives you access to, but an array of things you can do to make your workday more enjoyable. Listen to music without headphones and light smelly candles, it’s all your space.


You're being environmentally friendly without even trying!

The transport industry is the largest emitter of pollutants and commuters are a large portion of that. If you're an average commuter switching to hybrid working, you'll be reducing your carbon footprint by around 3.2 tonnes of CO2 a year, that’s the equivalent of two hippos! Cutting emissions isn’t the only eco-friendly aspect of remote working, your wastage will also greatly decrease. Unless you’re planning on communicating with your team by letter, your office’s dependence on paper will disappear, and if there’s less demand for paper, there’s less deforestation. Also fighting deforestation, we at Wurkr have pledged to plant a tree for every virtual office we create, and with more than 1500 trees planted so far we are proud to be fighting climate change both directly and indirectly.

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