5 ways to boost your workspace to promote productivity

As harsher restrictions are imposed internationally in order to suppress the spread of Covid-19, more of us are being encouraged to work from home. Despite having practiced working remotely last year, many may not be going into the new year as organised as they may have expected thanks to juggling home-schooled children, WFH housemates and support bubbles whilst trying to focus on their job. Has your desk space been made redundant in favor of the more comforting sofa in front of the TV? Fear not, we are here to help.

Even if you’re short on space, time or money, we’ve got 5 easy tips to help you curate a workspace that promotes productivity and works for you. 

1. Make it your own

Studies  have shown that working in a personalized space can boost your productivity by positively impacting your happiness and job satisfaction. Having your own office does not mean that you are working in a personalized space. Be intentional with your setup and decoration. Make sure that you have a dedicated workspace so that unnecessary distractions don’t infiltrate your productivity. Personalizing your workspace does not have to be complicated - use family photos, vision boards or motivational quotes to spruce up your desk. Then, think about making your workstation even more aesthetically pleasing by jazzing up your functional items and stationery. Find a pretty lamp or colourful office supplies so that your workspace works for you.

2. Work v Play

A major challenge WFH workers face is establishing a work-life balance whilst in the same setting. You don’t want to feel like you have been working 24/7 or not working at all. The main solution to this predicament is minimizing distraction. Check out our article on the Top WFH distractions here. Research by the American Psychological Association is clear in that a distraction-free workspace is key to being a more effective remote worker. 

You don’t need a home office/study in order to create a distinctive workspace. Trying orienting your desk space in order to create separation and obstruct your view from any distraction. Or if space is really tight, try planning your day around when you know you will be faced with the least distraction (e.g. children’s nap time or when your partner/flatmate pops out to the shops). 

3. Shine a light

Although cluttered dimly lit desks may work for some, the vast majority of us can boost our productivity through workspace design. Firstly, start with light. Studies have shown that natural light halves the risk of eye strain and drowsiness, whilst reducing headache by 63%. 

Unless you are working underground, you should have some access to natural light. Even if you may need to rearrange your furniture, it is worth the hassle considering the productivity and health benefits. In the warmer months, you may also consider working outdoors to make the most of the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D.

4. A cluttered Desk is a cluttered mind

It is true that people benefit from different organization styles. More artistic types may benefit from an element of organized disorder in order to promote productivity whilst others may need a completely clear desk. Where do you fit on that spectrum? Test it out! In addition, try out different storage methods to make sure that you know where all of your work-related items are. Storage boxes and two-tiered storage trays are ideal for keeping your important things to hand. 

5. A Picture of Health

Health is something we bear in mind on a daily basis, so we shouldn’t forget about it at work. Whether you’re WFH or in a physical office, your environment has a tremendous impact on your health. Whilst the physical office grants you easy access to water coolers and ergonomic chairs, you shouldn't forget to take care of yourself when working remotely. 

Make sure that you stay hydrated during the day. If you want to avoid breaking concentration, try keeping a water bottle or a pot of tea on your desk. Therefore, you can easily top up throughout the day and give your body the liquid it needs to perform at its best throughout the day. 

Uncomfortable chairs giving you back pain? Consider investing in an ergonomic chair so that you don’t negatively affect your posture whilst working away at your desk. In addition, make sure that you take a break from sitting down. Take a walk around the block, or simply around your house/flat. 5 minutes of exercise throughout the day, will give your body the break it needs and prevent any back pain from getting you down. 

Hopefully, our tips will allow you to create a workspace that energizes and makes you feel more productive. Everyone deserves to feel their best when working, no matter where they are. Boost your workspace with Wurkr today: https://app.wurkr.io/public/user-signup

What's your favourite productivity tip? Comment your thoughts down below or connect with Wurkr on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to share your thoughts. 

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