6 Virtual Meeting Tips to make your Meeting more Productive

Tips to make your virtual meetings more productive that it is right now

Virtual meetings ought to focus on collaborative problem-solving, idea exchange, and discussion of pertinent issues. However, that isn't always the case.

When you are working in a virtual environment, attending video conferences to discuss agendas and goals becomes your only option. However, when these meetings go south, an adverse effect on the operations of your business will be visible.

Catching up with a team of workers in a virtual environment is not as easy as merely attending meetings. Hence, a good comprehension of how to make your virtual meetings effective for yourself and the organisation is of solid significance.

Therefore, we have brought you the best virtual meeting tips to help you formulate the best practices for virtual meetings.

Formulate agendas before the virtual meeting

Every meeting must be well-planned to operate smoothly, but this is particularly important in the case of virtual meetings. So, constructing an agenda for an effective virtual meeting will be one of the most important tips for virtual meetings.

An agenda must contain the purpose and aims of the meeting along with the expectation of gains from this communication.

The framework of the meeting should also be included in the agenda which summarises what you want to collaborate on. Illustrating the same all through the meeting systematically is by far one of the most significant virtual meeting tips. Discussing these points in a few minutes and allowing others to question is a good way.

Hence, preparing a sound framework along with formulating the purpose of the meeting and encouraging conversation by asking insightful questions and stimulating others to ask as well will make your virtual meeting a success.

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Actively involving all attendees

It's incredibly challenging to maintain concentration when you are mostly listening to someone who just keeps on talking about, let alone physical meetings. No matter if the speaker in front of you is excellent, people tend to lose interest within 15 minutes.

Hence, using interactive engagement ideas will help you keep intact the concentration of the attendees and eliminate boredom and monotony.

Implementing user-friendly platforms to conduct your meetings where your participants can make decisions by answering polls and sharing their opinions will prove to be a healthy virtual meeting tip.

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Utilise Proper Technologies and Applications

Even though you may mostly be present throughout the virtual meeting, being visible to the attendees is equally important. The key is to have a strong internet connection, proper resolution camera and quality mic and headphones.

Also, choosing a user-friendly platform with proper technology ranks high every day in the list of the best tips for virtual meetings.

Therefore, here rises the requirement for remote collaboration tools which will help you ensure that your meeting goes smoothly without any hassle.

Additionally, as your team members are scattered all over the globe with distinct time zones, you can consider the option of recording the meetings so that the ones unable to join can catch up with all the discussions.

Observe proper business protocol

Adhering to the officially recognised virtual meeting protocol will ensure that the virtual meeting runs smoothly without wasting time. Therefore, as one of the best practices of virtual meetings, observing proper business protocol will retain professionalism.

To maintain the same, incorporate:

  • Professional appearance rather than pj’s
  • Muting the microphone when not talking to eliminate unneeded extraneous noises
  • Turning notifications off to maintain discipline and avoid distraction
  • Refrain from juggling work like attending calls or checking messages
  • Raising hand before speaking rather than interrupting the ongoing discussion
  • Avoid miscommunication and misinterpretation by halting after putting forward your point

Evaluate meeting after briefings

Instead of sending the whole ongoing discussions in the meeting, mailing the staff the useful briefings and notes about the meeting, like project head, proposed strategies etc., will be more beneficial and time-saving.

Similarly, asking the team members about their reviews will take you a long way in organising effective virtual team meetings. For instance, what points and strategies they found the most and least significant, if their experience was nice, if the important matter was discussed or skipped or how the quality of the meeting can be further improved.

Getting unbiased feedback will be your prize by incorporating such best practices of a virtual meeting.


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Acknowledge the inevitability of chaos

Hardly are there any virtual meetings which would skip a bit of confusion or turmoil. In any case, one should refrain from adapting the notion of a perfect virtual meeting which is too ambitious to expect.

As it is already known that a virtual meeting takes place in an environment which requires a strong internet connection, it is possible that your meeting might get disrupted due to any technical issue.

People may stray from formal discussions; communication may abruptly disintegrate, or people might misunderstand each other’s points. All this may happen in a virtual meeting, but this is nothing to worry about.

Hence, one of the most honest virtual meeting tips is to behave patiently as an organiser of a virtual meeting while recognizing the possibility of chaos and confusion during the meeting.

Wrapping up

While keeping these tips for virtual meetings in consideration, an online session with your teammates can be deemed possible and hugely successful.

Just like teamwork is about working together to achieve positive goals and engaging in relevant discussions, the same is the criteria for a virtual meeting.

It may seem difficult to make your online meetings more productive, but it's much simpler than it would seem. Accordingly, incorporating the above-mentioned tips for virtual meetings will help you in sorting out a proper framework to make your virtual sessions much more engaging and interactive. 

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