7 ways virtual workplaces make a company work smoother

The idea of being "in-office" appears to be a thing of the past in this continuously changing world as the concept of virtual workspaces is becoming prominent. With much of the world's workforce demanding their employers for Hybrid, Flexible and Remote working models, companies have started accepting the reality of a flexible working model with some versions of Hybrid, Remote and Flexible models in practice.

In fact, a recent study by Upwork found that by 2028, 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers. So, it can be fairly said that incorporating virtual workspaces is swiftly becoming the ultimate baseline.

What are Virtual Workspaces? Virtual workplaces come in different sizes and shapes but there are some relevant commonalities that they all share that make collaboration and building culture in a remote/hybrid work model fairly easy and intuitive. To clear the air, we will be going through the most significant ways a virtual workplace will make your company work smoother.

1. Decreased overhead expenditures

Virtual Workplaces, compared to physical offices save on expenditures in multiple ways that you don't have to bother about renting office space, purchasing office equipment, spending on utility services, etc when you introduce your business to remote working solutions.

If you operate your business virtually. Also, if you set up a compact head office, you won't need to rent so much commercial space. Additionally, you get to avoid ancillary expenses that initially seem insignificant but eventually mount up.Companies using virtual workspaces for day-to-day office requirements

2. Increases employee retention

Virtual working gives employees the impression that they are essential and that their opinion is important, even though they may be working remotely from home or another desired location.

Additionally, as managers, allowing your team some latitude can greatly improve the quality of their input as well as the retention rate.

According to a survey, almost 79% of workers stated they would be more devoted to a company that allows for flexibility. In contrast, 32% of respondents claimed to have quit their jobs due to a lack of flexibility.

3. Enhanced work-life balance

Staff functioning in virtual workspaces is more content with their jobs. It is so as working in virtual teams allows them to maintain a more wholesome work-life balance. Your staff members can better manage their lives with flexible work schedules. Keeping the same in mind, Wurkr, as a remote working solution, makes sure that your workforce can easily manage their professional and personal commitments too.

4. Boosts output

Personnel of virtual teams frequently exhibit greater attention to detail. Virtual teams encourage simpler organisational structures as a best practice. The decision-making process is not slowed down by needless bureaucracy that the members must deal with while working with others in the office. This raises productivity, which results in greater profitability.


Companies using virtual workspaces for day-to-day office requirements

5. Serve more customers

 With your staff members located all over the nation or the globe, you can extend your working time and increase the number of clients you can assist.

You can serve clients in different time zones when you have staff who work in those different time zones. This facilitates quicker business growth, better customer service, and more profitability.

This can be made possible by implementing virtual workspaces which will allow you to seamlessly operate globally.

6. Shorter Time to Market

Because the team members are located across time zones, various teams may be collaborating on the exact projects around the clock. As a result, when one person's shift is over, another may pick up where the previous one left off. Consequently, it takes less time to develop products and it takes less time to respond to customer requests in both local and international markets. Thereby providing ease of working management also.

7. Eliminate pointless meetings

When your staff is working virtually, you are quite concerned about how to engage remote employees. You may need to constantly check on the progress your workforce is making or if the deadlines are being met or if the projects are deployed timely. To get you covered, our remote working solution, Wurkr, helps you keep tabs on your staff which will avoid unnecessary meetings or stand-ups.

Online chat options make virtual working much easier and hassle-free.

The Bottom-Line

Changing to a completely virtual workplace is a terrific alternative, and retaining the details mentioned above will clear your doubts regarding this much-required transformation. Keep in mind that proper virtual workspaces can help you avoid many of the drawbacks of virtual teams.

Wurkr helps you set clear objectives and check that everyone is on the same page. With built-in feedback and recognition, it also makes it simple for you to carry out weekly check-ins and raise staff engagement.

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