Why Now is the Best Time To Begin Your Entrepreneur Journey?


The biggest wave of startups and innovation is here and we are all witnessing astounding growth. Problems we couldn’t have even imagined would ever be solved are now crushed with technology. People from around the globe have now become dependent on smartphones for their daily activities. From education and entertainment to commute and networking, everything is convenient just because of some disruptive startups. So if you are starting your entrepreneur journey, and want to solve problems and make a business out of them - there has been a better time!

There are two types of people in this world, the ones who think a lot and the other ones who act. It’s upon you to decide which one you are. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider starting your entrepreneur journey now!

  1. Be a Part of the Startup Revolution:

    Startups, innovation, technology, and entrepreneur journey are carrying all the hype in this decade. Getting into the ecosystem which is booming amazingly will help you kickstart with external energy pushing you too. Moreover, it’s now easier to network with even the biggest of players in this space. The virtual-first behaviour has wide-opened more opportunities for entrepreneurs than ever. People are willing to help startup aspirants, and nothing can be better than this. You will learn so much on the way, and self-growth happens faster than ever while starting a business.

  2. Pandemic Made it Easier:


    We mostly talk about how the Covid19 pandemic disturbed our daily lives. No doubt it did, but the mindset change that it bought within, for the entire world, wouldn’t have been otherwise possible. Opportunities are flooding out there on the internet. The big game as they call it - is now not just for the big sharks, but for everyone in the ocean. All thanks to the mass adaptation of technology and digital media as a priority,  entrepreneurial wanderers have now found their way. 

    Do you have a solution for a problem faced by the masses? Are you passionate about it? Are you ready to put everything that you have and anything it takes to start your entrepreneur journey?

     If the answer to these questions is a yes and if you have the strong mindset required, nothing can stop you from kickstarting your business with a bang.

  3. Services are now Affordable:

    Be it cloud services, security, marketing, or other SaaS and automation tools, they are all cheaper than ever. Services that help you streamline your business and automate the management to some extent, are now accessible and incredibly affordable. Educational content that you and your team will need along the way, is available for free. It’s the decade of small businesses and the entire startup ecosystem is supporting it. Online community building and social media marketing are making things go viral overnight. You just need to stay focused on the most important things and invest in the right places in the beginning steps.

  4. Hybrid Work is Efficient and Normal:


    It was not before 2020 that the corporate world took remote work and virtual workspaces seriously. Even the best leaders didna believe in remote work being as productive as the conventional mode of working. Everyone was taken aback by the statistics that came after a year of remote work. It was found that the workforce was 47% more productive while working remotely.  Enterprises started adapting to virtual workspaces, and everyone got comfortable with the new normal soon. 

    Especially the early age startups are heavily benefitting from the remote working model. What can be a better way to save your crucial funds? If you are starting your entrepreneur journey,  begin with a remote working model. Not only would it save you capital, but would also allow you to focus on more important things than setting up offices and spending weeks on them. 

    In fact, you can also consider having a virtual office and a workspace to work in sync with your employees. 

    Imagine walking virtually and knocking on various doors to get in and communicate! Doesn’t it sound cool? Well, more than that - it’s highly productive and an efficient way of being in sync with colleagues. Wurkr has a dedicated plan for early-stage startups and it could just be the solution you are looking for. Kickstart your entrepreneur journey now without worrying about setting up a business and getting maximum productivity out of your team.

    We look forward to hosting you and witnessing what you create!
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