Celebrate Christmas With Wurkr



It’s that time of year. Temperature and productivity are dropping, and even though you really want to, the sun is the only one that gets to leave work at 4pm. 

Holiday Season 

The work Christmas party is a pretty ubiquitous experience, where your team agrees to make up for a year’s worth of bonding by getting together and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. However last year, national lockdowns prevented the traditional work parties from taking place (unless you work at 10 Downing Street, allegedly). This resulted in a lot of tragic zoom parties being scraped together by unprepared management. 

This year they are back to threaten us with a bad time again, but no! We are prepared this time, and we remote workers are perfectly capable of getting festive and boozy over our digital workspace Wurkr. Especially with its new festive UI update. 



So instead of just saying that you can use Wurkr to boost your Christmas spirit, we are going to show you how we actually did it.  


12 Days of Christmas

To keep the festive cheer train chugging, we wanted to make sure that we did something as a team every day. Someone had the bright idea for us to gather every morning and 'sing the relative verse to the "12 Days Of Christmas". Now mind you, we aren’t the most talented vocalists, and matching up our timing when we literally span the globe added an extra level of difficulty we were not prepared for.

An addition to the mutual embarrassment was the fact that some of our co-workers had the misfortune of working in public at the time of our celebrations, people passing by got to hear a cacophony of noise that no longer resembled the original festive tune or any other Christmas-carol. Overall it was a great time 10/10, and you still have time to do it yourself because officially the 12 days of Christmas actually start on Christmas day and go into the next year.



Slightly more successful but equally funny were our games of Pictionary. The premise is simple. In turn, you are given a word in secret and must attempt to draw a picture good enough for the other players to guess what the word is. You’ll quickly be questioning your coworker's cognitive abilities while trying to disguise your own complete lack of artistic ability.

Setup is easy, you can try running this in-house with a ‘gamesmaster’ creating your own set list of words to draw or use the site Skribbl.io. Difficulty can vary hugely depending on the word, trying to draw an abstract idea is considerably harder than objects we all use daily, e.g ‘boredom’ vs ‘water bottle’. 


It’s not just about Christmas

Wurkr’s motto is “Working Together From Anywhere”, and if you’re like us you’ll be working alongside the best people spread across the world. A fantastic benefit of this is the opportunity to learn and experience how other cultures celebrate their festive holidays.

This year was my first Diwali, finding out about India’s celebration of lights, receiving candles and chocolates to remember it by. Share your Christmas traditions and suddenly become jealous of those south of the equator going to the beach while you wrap yourself in a blanket for warmth. 


It’s not too late!

There are still a few more days till Christmas, party it up with your colleagues on Wurkr, set up your own workspace quickly and easily for free by visiting Wurkr’s Christmas Offer Page, and win a surprise gift by booking a Demo with Wurkr.

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