Celebrating International Women's Day with Workplace Flexibility:


Every year we celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. It brings complex thoughts to the minds of whoever thinks, discusses or even write about it. Some believe that it’s the day to be thankful for the progress that women have made in recent times in all aspects of their standards of life, while many others believe that there is still a lot of distance to cover and that more focus needs to go there than appreciating the advancements in the recent times. Both are right, and it’s dependent on the experiences of each and every woman and to talk about their experiences; whether it is the gratitude for a successful career or it is an aspiration towards a better future.

Being the leading voice in advocating flexible and hybrid working; Wurkr can’t shy away from having these discussions at its “virtual office” about what the #WomenatWurkr felt about the changing work culture. 


  • Navya Sudhakaran, UI/UX Designer at Wurkr:

Navya, UI/UX designer at Wurkr says she enjoys the flexibility that’s offered to her as she finds time for more things in her life. She who claims to be “not a morning person”, finds it so empowering that she gets to spend her best times of the day working and the rest of the time doing things that help her relax. Being a photography enthusiast, she is able to click pictures whenever she finds a great frame and immediately goes back to her work after that; this is something that a traditional office space can’t provide her, she says.  

Along with that, she maintains her household schedules and enjoys her work more productively. 


  • Reshma K Aravindan, Software Tester at Wurkr:

Reshma talks about the most essential thing while being at work - support from family and colleagues. Reshma takes advantage of flexible work schedules and plans her day well in advance. This helps her stay on top of her timings for both work and family.


  • Saranya Srinivasan, Software Tester at Wurkr:

Saranya works under a tightly controlled and strictly structured workday. She has her breaks scheduled so that she can strike more work-life balance. She makes it a point to never compromise on her me-time during these short work breaks.

After a productive day, she makes sure that she spends her time with her 3-year old daughter. Saranya enjoys her work because she knows she can work flexibly and manage everything on her hand. She thinks life wouldn't have been this easy for her if she worked in a traditional work environment. 


Wrapping it up:

Women have been the bearers of various responsibilities that include family, work, and their professional life. Flexible work schedules will make it easier for them to work on various things without feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. Let us pledge to offer more workplace flexibility to women around the world, this International Women’s Day!

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