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With this being the final blog in our “Work Culture in 2022” series we hope you have picked up on some of the exciting changes bound for the working world. We believe that you are also making some genuine efforts to create a positive culture at work.

Here at Wurkr, we believe that hybrid working and distributed teams are the future, bringing fantastic new possibilities. As with all things, people are hesitant and there are a variety of reasons people are developing cold feet about taking the plunge into remote-first hybrid working environments. We’ve covered mental health woes, concerns with how to build trust, and distractions at home and while we acknowledge the validity of these, we at Wurkr know that they are not the be-all and end-all. There are solutions to each and every one of them!

What is Wurkr

Wurkr is a virtual workspace. An effective SaaS-enabled platform that helps organisations to better cultivate ideal company culture, and encourage spontaneous collaboration and creativity in remote and distributed environments.

Wurkr virtual office space layout

The idea is simple – to replicate the physical office and home environment. As we enter the ‘new normal’ brought about by globalisation, urban densification, and post-pandemic culture at work shifts, companies need new tools to tackle the problems they face at work.

We enable employees to connect, collaborate and engage without the costs and constraints of a traditional office and eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional video conferencing platforms with our slick user interface, app integrations, and our thoughtful features.

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What Makes Us Great

Being a virtual workspace allows Wurkr to be more flexible and match your needs. Our virtual offices allow for instant video and audio conferencing whenever you want. A Wurkr office is made up of ‘rooms’.


Here I am in our Wurkr Wunderland room, that’s me on the far left, this is where I will usually spend most of my time while working. As you can see, at the moment there are five other people in this room with me. This means that at any time if we wanted to, we could unmute and turn our cameras on for an impromptu meeting or even just a casual chat to catch up with how everyone is doing.

 No Scheduling, No invites, No re-scheduling. 

The standard Wurkr office layout allows for 13 rooms, that's 13 high-quality video and audio meetings at the same time, and with each room fitting up to 20 people, that adds up very quickly - and that’s only counting those joining in on the discussions, even more, can fit in the room if they are just participating by listening and watching. That thing enables you to create a positive culture at work place.

As a virtual workspace, we like to keep things in-house. You shouldn’t need to get all tangled up with which line of communication to use, keep it simple. Say goodbye to WhatsApp group chats, Wurkr provides quick easy-to-use ‘in-office’ messaging to help you communicate with your colleagues when meetings aren’t necessary. Our messaging allows for file sharing as well, so no need to email your google doc when you can share your files directly.

Work culture in 2022 is about understanding the needs of employees and building a culture in your company whether it's remote, hybrid or a physical office culture.

Another feature we provide so you never have to ‘leave the office’ is our Google workspace integration.  Our google workspace integration allows you to use the most popular Google applications; docs, sheets, and slides all within the Wurkr app itself. With just a few clicks you can be making the finishing touches for that presentation without even having to open up a new tab. This is an area we are keen to continuously improve upon as alternative meeting software has nothing of the sort and requires you to have 3rd party software for communication and collaboration. 


Awesome Office Layouts

Our office layouts keep it simple for you as a manager. Being able to instantly see who is working with who is easy when you can see the whole office on one screen. Whereas with typical meeting software like Zoom, it is very obtuse if not impossible for you to see what meetings are going on. If you want to get in on the action you’re going to have to contact the host of the meeting and ask for an invite - all very time-consuming. What's more? You miss half of it by the time you join the meeting. 

With Wurkr, you can pop your head into any room and check how the team collaborations are going, this is if the room isn’t locked. Wurkr allows users to ‘lock’ the room if they want to keep things private and uninterrupted, so don’t worry about staying in the zone if you are in an important meeting.

As well to have multiple rooms for working, collaboration, and team meetings, there is a break room. 

Wurkr office layout helps you communicate with your team real-time without any hiccups.

The break room is a great way to let your colleagues know that you are stepping out for the moment and if they want your attention, they should leave you a message for when you get back. The break room can also be a place to have a casual meetup or conversation, akin to the coffee break chats that you’d have in an actual office - quick check-ups on how someone is doing can go a long way to making them feel valued and appreciated. For traditional meeting software, there is nothing to match this, if you’re on a break there are very few ways to let your colleagues know. 

Taking breaks when working from home is very important, as it keeps you fresh and on the ball, how many you take a day is up to the individual, but breaks play a crucial role in building culture at work place. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking effective breaks at home.

Wurkr is the Tool for You

With Wurkr’s 14-day free trial, there really is no reason not to give us a chance, and if you do, we are sure you’ll fall in love with how easy it makes the transition to remote working that you’ll want to join our growing community with members from all over the world (literally). 

Our virtual workspaces cut the cost of having to rent and maintain a physical office and let you give back to your employees, allowing them to enjoy more of their free time by avoiding the commute and having their own personal space. We believe that you know how important it is to build a positive culture at work.

Collaborate Endlessly with Wurkr Virtual Office Software


Be part of the future and build your diverse team today by signing up for a free trial now!

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