NEW Product / Feature Update: Express better, Collaborate better

Wurkr's new Virtual Office Space allows upto 2000 Members and an updated chat feature

All-New feature updates on Wurkr 

The new update improves collaboration, accessibility, and your overall experience

The very concept of Wurkr is rooted in the thoughts surrounding 'how companies and teams can improve their communication and collaborate better with their teams, clients and guests. Our belief that listening forms a huge part of successful communication has always helped us improve for the better. We have always exercised the habit of listening to our users, investors, social media followers, vendors and most importantly, our clients.

Virtual office platform designed by Wurkr comes with new and advanced chat feature


As a result, Wurkr, despite being a small team always manages to fix bugs, come up with clever solutions and above all provide a great experience to its users. This helps us consider different perspectives of different people originating from different backgrounds. What this does for us is that it provides us perspectives and thereby the ability to come up with creative solutions to features, issues and packaging.

So after several such user-experience reviews, face-to-face feedback sessions and questionnaires, Wurkr has made a slew of updates on the Wurkr's virtual workspace platform. Check out the new and improved Wurkr here.

What has Wurkr been up to? 

Express Better, Collaborate Better (Chat Feature Update)

Well, for the beginners, we have been improving the possibilities of Collaboration at Wurkr. A major part of the collaboration is the chat feature; we improved the heck out of it. 

Now you are able to use the chat feature as a text editor as opposed to a text Input/display facility. Users can now edit, format, copy and paste text and make the text appear the way they want it to appear. It adds a whole new layer to the possibilities of expressing yourself with your colleagues, teammates or clients. 

Have a look at the different aspects of improvements done on Wurkr's chat.


Wurkr new and updated chat feature lets you edit and format the chats.  

  • Chat Text Formatting 
    The users are now able to apply different formatting to your chat text like Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and Underline. On top of this, one can also make use of the text editing features like adding numbering, bullet points, links etc. It's even possible to paste lines of code to your Chat Tool on Wurkr now. 
  • New Chat Emojis
    The new chat emojis add colour to your conversations and make it look less mundane. You will be able to add a human touch to your work-related or otherwise conversations on Wurkr more expressive.
  • A new look and feel
    The new chat feature is smoother and faster and shows real-time information like typing indications and the status of the user on the other end (online, busy or in DND).

Accessibility - Updated Mobile PWA

On top of this, accessibility was one of the major points that were stressed very often in our feedback sessions. As a result of these, we started working on a Progressive Web App (PWA) to make Wurkr accessible even from a mobile phone. 

Wurkr's new Virtual Office Space allows upto 2000 Members

Welcome Bigger Teams 

Now, Wurkr premium users can add up to 2000 concurrent users in one single office. It's not merely an update on the tech front, but also an update on the overall design, user-interface as well as on the user-experience front. Have a look at it for yourself. Companies that have 1000+ Employees can make use of these features to regularly communicate, collaborate and essentially run the company from wherever they are. 

Moreover, Wurkr has designed this in such a way that it creates the least impact on your system and more on our cloud services so that the user will not be faced with performance issues.

Wurkr's new Virtual Office Space allows upto 2000 Members

Winding up 

Wurkr has come up with an update that adds a lot of improvements to the already exciting platform. A few relevant and pressing feedbacks from our clients, teammates as well as the public have led to adding these updates to the feature list. Wurkr always stays dedicated to the cause of making Workplaces a fun, collaborative and happy place to be in. 

Moving on, Wurkr will be pushing more updates to enhance the experience of its users and the new users who come discovering us. :) 

To know more, book a demo with Wurkr here.

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