Feature Update: Personalise your Workspace, Make it your own

New features on your Virtual Workplace Application

It's getting personal!

Wurkr just released some exciting updates.

Wurkr is announcing a list of further updates, upgrades and modifications to your workplace.  You can always check out the new and improved Wurkr here.

We couldn't pick a favourite so we just added everything:

  1. Personalise your Workspace

Now you can add background images to your 'Wurkspace' according to your idea of your workspace. Your workspace is getting more and more personal to you

Virtual Workplace for Teams to Work Together and collaborate

You change your workspace background image by simply clicking on your profile image. A box will open up that will show you options to change your background image along with other options like Changing your First Name and Last Name, setting your current status, and changing the display picture

Learn how to conduct an icebreaker session with your new remote team with Wurkr. 


New features on your Virtual Workplace Application

  1. One-click access to Invite Team Members and Guests 

The new update from Wurkr brings an easier positioning of the 'Invite Guests' and 'Add Users' buttons which help you access them from your workspace itself without having to go all the way into the settings. This enables populating your team and having meetings with guests not a hassle anymore. 

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 1-23-09 PM-1

  1. Audio/Video Messaging and Screen Share Messaging

Even better, now your collaborations are going to be more intuitive and interactive with the ability to send Audio and Video messages from your own workspace. This enables you to send videos with a shared screen, crucial voice messages, and also video messages.

We predict that you will be using the screen share video messaging feature more. Feel free to prove us wrong. :) 

New features on your Virtual Workplace Application

Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 1.43.31 PM          Screenshot 2022-09-07 at 1.43.49 PM


  1. New Layouts in Town

Releasing new layouts has always been fun for us. It helps us break our moulds and go out there and try out everything wild. We go through a fun and exhausting process of deciding on which User Interfaces work best for people with different requirements. 


New features on your Virtual Workplace Application

Sometimes they need a roomy and airy feeling, while some require tightly packed and purpose-built workspaces. Well, guess what? We have solutions for all of them. 

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