How can companies better equip themselves for remote revolution?

How companies are dealing with remote work revolution

The remote working revolution has established a new work culture where employees are free to work from any place in the world.


The last few months have made it clear that the work-from-home culture will stay here. If three years back you were asked what it would be like to work remotely, your answers would have ranged from impossible to hard. But, it is all because of the covid-19 pandemic that has taught us that remote work could be a better way to work. Since then, this has revolutionised the whole concept of office work

The remote working revolution has established a new work culture where employees are free to work from any place in the world. It has made a significant increase in the population of digital nomads. A report shows that the number of digital nomads has tripled over the last few years in the US. In 2018, there were only 4.8 million digital nomads in America, which has risen to 15.5 million in 2021. 

This remote work revolution is no less than a boon for employees, while companies face some difficulties as their employees are located in different places in the world. On one side, where remote workers enjoy a flexible work environment, on the other side, it has become challenging for companies to foster connection among their employees in a remote environment.

The employee feels lonely and isolated due to a lack of proper communication, which not only kills productivity but also kills the company's very own culture and the spirit of its employees. To sustain themselves in the remote work scene, companies need to create a positive environment and equip their employees for the growth of the company. 

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Fulfil employees requirements

The very first thing about remote working is a set of proper gadgets that are required to work smoothly. Companies need to ensure that their employees have properly working devices, internet connections, appropriate software installed, and great tech support. These things ensure that the productivity of the company does not go down. Going back on any of these would ultimately hurt the vision of the company. 

Wurkr is one such kind of platform that creates a virtual office where teams gather, collaborate spontaneously, and it also helps you in cultivating company culture in a hybrid and remote work environment.

According to Tim Lloyd, Co-founder of Wurkr Ltd, a UK-based virtual workspace software company,

“Wurkr’s employees work remotely across four continents and we have successfully managed to build a positive and healthy remote culture in the organization. It’s because of the wurkr platform that has smoothened the culture of work from home.”

Add channels for virtual communication

The second thing is that you should ensure in your company are clear communication channels. The thing that could create problems in remote working is a lack of communication. When you work in the office, it takes you less than a minute to pop up in your seniors' room and immediately ask your doubts. But in remote work, you need to work on effective ways to overcome roadblocks and avoid misunderstanding. At the same time, you also have to ensure that everyone aligns with their responsibilities. 

Create authorities and responsibilities

Another thing to work smoothly in a remote environment is to set responsibilities. Setting responsibilities makes everyone focused on the task assigned to them and not enter someone else's room. These things help to find out what it takes to accomplish the task or how to do that. 

Manage time effectively

To accomplish the assigned goals without obstacles, it is important to manage your time effectively. Office working provides you with the right set of working environments required to work dedicatedly. In remote work, there is no manager on-site who motivates or set accountability for working. Hence, in such environments, it is all up to the employee to create such an environment for themselves.

Remote working is going to stay here. It is a new normal, so companies need to adopt it and create a positive remote work environment for their employees and equip them with the proper gadgets and atmosphere. The post-pandemic period has changed the way people work, it opened new opportunities for doing work remotely. Every company should recognise and pitfall that it has brought, they need to be more innovative and productive in their approach to collaboration, evaluation, hiring, and the culture of the company.

We all know that office workplace will never be the as it was before. Hence, companies and employees both need to put equal efforts into the growth of the company. Definitely, it's a new world, but a better and more effective way to maintain work and life balance. Wurkr could be your best partner for it.


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What does Wurkr do?

Wurkr is a company that understands that a remote-first approach is the demand of the post-pandemic revolution. Equipping your team with the right set of tools becomes essential to defeat the communication hindrances when you work remotely. Wurkr provides virtual workspaces that help you stay connected and build a company culture even when your team members are distributed across the globe. Check out Wurkr’s customisable and flexible virtual work environments for FREE.


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