How to promote wellness in the virtual workplace

Remote worker working from home using a virtual office to promote productivity by having a coffee break in the virtual break room with a fellow Wurkr coworker

The internet is overwhelmed with wellness tips and tricks, especially with those for the workplace. However, as more companies have committed to remote and hybrid working, we are not all working from traditional office spaces. How can managers promote wellness whilst working remotely without being in the same geographical location?


1. Routine is Key 

Nothing beats the satisfying feeling of having your day organised and checking things off your to-do list. Routine is key to productivity and making sure that everything is in check. When a routine is broken, it can make us feel stress and add to the isolation that some workers feel when working from home. 

We know that a regular sleep schedule is beneficial, but what can be done to promote wellness when working remotely? 

Ditch the need for endless meeting invitation chains. Instead, create a virtual office so that your team ‘go to’ the same place each day, as they would a physical office. The ritual of logging in and logging off at the end of the day makes the remote working routine concrete, rather than feeling unable to unplug at the end of a day due to Zoom fatigue. 


2. Staying Active

Productivity does not come from being chained to your desk all day! When working remotely, it is too easy to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Without the commute, many workers feel like they are losing out on reaching that impressive 10k step count and are not getting enough fresh air. 

Just because you’re working from a virtual workspace, does not mean that you have to exercise virtually. Make sure you take regular breaks to stretch and go for short walks or runs. At Wurkr, we recognise the importance of exercising when working remotely so have integrated reminders within our Well-being messaging. Every so often our platform will encourage you to make a cup of tea, do some stretches or go for a short walk. Staying active not only is good for employee well-being but, increased well being is increased productivity. 

However, your company  could take this a step further and have virtual workout classes, e.g. yoga. This will not only help boost employee wellness but also promote team building, making your team stronger and more efficient. A happy active team is a better team.  


Wellbeing message from the wurkr virtual workspace to remind workers to take a break and stretch their legs when working remote or working from home


3. Be kind to yourself

A stressed manager or co worker can often be a mood killer and lower a team’s morale. By making sure that you are taking time for yourself outside of work, you will be in a better mood and thus help promote a positive working environment. 

Use your time saved from booting the commute towards self-care. Your new virtual commute could involve reading a book, watching your favorite show, going for a run or even doing a morning meditation. Whatever it is, do it for you and your team will thank you for it. 


4. We are what we eat

In physical offices, we were used to eating in cramped cafeterias or grabbing lunch on the go from a local food establishment. However, a luxury of working remotely is your proximity to the kitchen. We now have more autonomy over what we are choosing to eat. 

We all know the famous saying: “you are what you eat”. But, it is true! By incorporating your favourite healthy meals into your daily routine, you’ll definitely be putting a smile on your face. 

However, it must be said that not everyone’s the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, so some team members may need a little help to reacquaint themselves with their kitchens. Think about doing #WFH food challenges or hosting a workplace cook-a-long. This way your wurkrs will be able to try different recipes and bond whilst doing so. 

An instagram post of a remote office team cook-a-long for healthy lunch recipe inspiration for when you are working from home

5. Don’t forget to check-in

Due to the current restrictions put in place by governments across the world, it has never been more important to check in. Make sure to catch up with your team each day. Just like physical offices, virtual workplaces should be social environments. Each office comes equipped with a Games Room and a Break Room to allow employees to catch up and take a break from their busy schedules.


Although remote working is now the new normal, many of us aren’t used to it yet. By promoting wellness in the virtual workplace you can help remote working newbies to embrace this new way of working and make the most of their remote working experience. 




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