Is remote working the end of micromanagement?

Manager micromanaging an employee in the physical office

Long gone are the days of your boss literally peering over your shoulder to see what you are up to. Thanks to the new remote working normal, physical micromanagement is a thing of the past which should stay in the past. But is remote working the end of micromanagement in its entirety? 

Remote working allows you to work from anywhere that works for you, may that be from the comfort of your own home, in a local cafe or al fresco in a park. Although employees are increasingly being given the physical freedom to work away from their managers, it seems that micromanagement is still rife. 

This became particularly evident following the circulation of an email from a Wall Street Journal manager advising newly remote employees to notify supervisors if they are "taking a break, conducting an interview, in a meeting, or will otherwise be unavailable for a while." Not only does this excessive management waste time and dampen productivity, it is also extremely intrusive. Managers may as well request for employees to inform them of every time mother nature calls, of each snack they eat and of their need to get a glass of water. This managerial style is problematic in both physical and remote working environments.

A stressed remote worker who is struggling with zoom fatigue due to micromanaging from their manager


The urge to micromanage is completely understandable considering the somewhat sudden rise of the new normal.  For the first time ever, millions of employees began working remotely causing several bosses to find it hard to adjust. Most managers are used to seeing their direct reports in person throughout the day, believing that this offers them a better understanding of what their workers are doing with their time. But there is a catch!  Good managers should be unconcerned with what their employees do with their time. They should only actually care about whether or not tasks are being completed within their deadlines. 

AnyHow's timesheet feature which helps companies prevent micromanaging

Image: AnyHow's Timesheet Feature

Unfortunately, remote and hybrid working can leave teams often feeling disconnected and like they are constantly being pulled at from different directions. Luckily there are ways of staying in the loop without micromanaging thanks to the rise of remote working technology. Platforms, like AnyHow, are perfect tools for management processes without going overboard. While acting as a discussion board, timesheet and file storage space, AnyHow also delivers a daily digest of activity within your organization directly to your inbox. These direct reports are great ways of staying in touch with your team without having to pester them for hourly updates while they are trying to complete tasks. Moreover, the discussion feature allows your team (and invited clients) to collaborate on projects together all in one place and without the fear of dreaded email chains. 


AnyHow's report feature which helps companies prevent micromanaging

Image: AnyHow's Timesheet Feature

Virtual HQs work perfectly alongside virtual workspaces. SaaS platforms, like Wurkr, enable teams to integrate and innovate just as they would in a physical office. They allow for passive collaboration which is essential in boosting team connectivity and productivity. There is no need to wait hours to hear back from Kathy in accounts. Simply check her availability with our traffic light system and pop into her office for a quick chat.  While meetings and off-the-cuff communications are taking place in your virtual office, managers can seamlessly oversee the progression of projects thanks to virtual HQs (like AnyHow). Now that’s a match made in heaven. 

Wurkr's remote working, hybrid working and flexible working virtual office platform which enables distributed teams to work together from anywhere

The new normal is not going anywhere. Thanks to virtual HQs and workspaces there is now no reason for the remote and hybrid working experience to be tainted by micromanagement. The future of work is evolving and due to the success of remote working it seems that micromanaging will soon become a mere distant memory. 

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