London's 16 Most Impressive CEOs in the Collaboration Space ft. Wurkr

Team Wurkr is ecstatic to announce that Annil Chandel, co-founder & CEO at Wurkr®, has been chosen to be one of London's 16 Most Impressive & Successful CEOs in the Collaboration Space by

This list showcased the top London-based CEOs operating in the Collaboration space. They were chosen on the basis of their performance in the following fields:

  • Innovation – Working as the major part in an extremely innovative company, business or startup.
  • Growth – Operating as a key figure in the growth and upscale of a market leading business or startup.
  • Management – exhibition of exceptional management skills.
  • Societal impact – bringing their business, startup or product on the map for their positive societal or environmental impact.

Annil Chandel, CEO & Co-founder at Wurkr, was chosen as one of London's 16 Most Impressive & Successful CEOs in the Collaboration Space. Along with his counterparts, he too was chosen via the data sourced from OSINT (open-source intelligence) and public directories such as Companies House UKCrunchbaseSemRush and many more. 

You can read more about the same here.

Annil's realisation of the effects of work environment on productivity was what lead to the creation of Wurkr. During the time, there was no such product or solution that would help teams work together from different geographies. This basically lead to his conceptualisation of Wurkr along with co-founder Tim Lloyd. When separated by distance, both Annil and Tim experienced the impact of disconnected and isolated teams on business goals, employee health, creativity and productivity. And thus, set on a mission to optimise the morale and productivity of distributed workforces. That’s what Wurkr is all about!

In a post-pandemic world, while much of the offices are opening up and doing their best to recreate the pre-pandemic work models, mostly by physical offices, Wurkr provides an alternative way of work-life integration for companies and employees who believe that in a tech-driven world, office cultures also should adapt to the changing trends. 

Wurkr's success with 1 million signups, in a short period, proves the same. It's the user-centric approach that won Wurkr such immense growth. Looking for a virtual workspace to replace your costly office space? Take a 2 minute demo with us today!

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