How we onboarded 6 new team members during a global pandemic


The pandemic has led many businesses to make the hard decision to cancel internships, stop recruiting and let go of staff. However, as a 100% remote company, we managed to onboard 6 international team members using Wurkr. Many would ask, how we were able to do such a thing.


   1. Introduction to Wurkr

We started off the process by introducing our new team members to Wurkr, our virtual office platform. Working in a virtual office, has allowed us to continue with business as usual during the pandemic as our distributed staff can work from anywhere. As part of our interview process, we gave some applicants a trial day in the office. It was the first time that most of them had ever worked in a virtual office.

“My induction with Wurkr was not just an assessment of my capabilities but also a chance for me to experience the day-to-day virtual office environment of the company, giving me a greater understanding of how my potential position would make a contribution to the organisation as a whole.”

Eleanor, our new Customer Engagement Manager



   2. Meet the team

The perks of virtual office work include easy communication. Our remote team members are not just limited to video meetings and emails. Instead, we can just pop into a room and speak to our coworkers through video chat, audio or messaging.

As our new Growth Hacker, Ehab, said“meeting the team was so easy as with Wurkr, everyone is just a click away”.

This meant that our new members were quickly introduced to the whole team, allowing them to settle in and get to know each other with ease. We always start the day talking about what we did over the weekend or the night before, just like in those watercooler office chats.


   3. Orientation of the office

Luckily, our new team members were not faced with the daunting task of finding the correct floor in an office block. Wurkr’s office plan is simple, straightforward and allows you to see which of your colleagues are in each room. This means that we could see our new team members enter the reception when they logged in, so they were not nervously twiddling their thumbs as they would in a real life office.

“Wurkr is so straightforward to use that there is no way of getting ‘lost’ around the office. The simple layout allows me to communicate with my colleagues by simply joining their room”.

Gaurav, one of our UX/UI designers.



   4. Their onboarding experience

Most importantly, we check in on our new team members throughout their time here at Wurkr. We pride ourselves on looking after our team and ensuring that they are comfortable in their new positions.Hubble HQ’s survey found that 86% of workers in Britain would like to continue working remotely at least once a week after the pandemic. More of us will be working remotely than ever before. Thus, making remote work a part of the so-called “new normal”. However, remote work has also been a hit with our new Gen Z interns.

Our new Project Manager, Diana, is a huge fan of the perks of working remotely with Wurkr.

“A virtual office promotes productivity and flexibility, while maintaining an essential sense of ‘team’ when collaborating on projects. It has allowed me to gain valuable experience in the management field from the comfort of my own home.”


   5. Staying Connected

Starting a new role can be incredibly daunting, especially when it may be your first time working in a professional environment. Through Wurkr, we are always connected and available to our team members. Therefore, if they have any questions, we are always here to answer them and help them with any problems they may have encountered.

“Working for a new company can be stressful but thanks to Wurkr, Matthew and the team are always there to answer my queries.” 

Helena, our Media Engagement Assistant


We think that the ability to recreate an office environment from anywhere with an internet connection, allows team members to really make the most of the perks of office and remote work. By staying connected with your colleagues, your team is happier and more productive in their respective roles.


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