6 Must-Listen Podcasts for Remote Workers

remote worker listening to a must-listen podcast for remote workers recommended by the remote working virtual platform Wurkr

Nothing quite beats listening to a podcast on your morning walk or mid-afternoon break. Getting more work done and staying productive while you’re at it can be incredibly difficult when you’re working remotely—if you can find the time to listen to podcasts at all. While there are certainly fewer podcasts designed specifically with remote workers in mind, it’s still possible to find ones that can help you become more productive and get your work done, whether you listen during your commute or while on break at work. At Wurkr, we are massive fans of podcasts and so we have created a list of our favorite must-listen podcasts for remote workers. 


1. Stephanie Holland’s Thriving Empire Podcast

Thriving Empire | Podcasts on Audible | Audible.com

If you’re looking to find out more about all things remote working, Stephanie Holland’s Thriving Empire podcast is definitely a must-listen. With over 17 years of remote working experience, Stephanie really knows her stuff. Each episode is completely different thanks to the wide variety of remote worker guests invited to share their tips on their #remoteworkreality. Wurkr virtual workspace has even featured in 3 Thriving Empire episodes. Listen to Tim Lloyd’s episode on Working Together From Anywhere, Matthew Lloyd’s interview about The Virtual Office and Helena Merron’s take on The Remote Intern Experience

Thriving Empire Podcast is available on https://stephanieholland.co/thrivingempire/ , Apple Podcast, and Spotify

2. The Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with Adam Finan

The Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with Adam Finan covers all things online business, freelancing & remote work by experienced digital nomads. This podcast gives the listener a great insight into remote working regardless of location and how experienced digital nomads initially dipped their toes into the working from anywhere pool. Whether you are a freelancer, business owner, wannabe digital nomad or simply interested to find out more about remote working, Adam Finan’s Digital Nomad Cafe is a great starting place to learn more.

The Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast with Adam Finan is available on https://digitalnomadcafe.com/ , Acast , Apple Podcast, Spotify and Youtube

3. BBC Radio 4’s Money Box

Granted, BBC Radio 4’s Money Box is not a remote working podcast. However, it does cover a variety of topics concerning the world of work and personal finance, plus advice for those trying to make the most of their money. Programmes have covered Timeshare Holiday Ownership, Young entrepreneurs and Bitcoin. However, its Remote Working episode, presented by Felicity Hannah, dives into how working from home is changing the way we think about where we base our life and careers. Felicity Hannah speaks to Neil Carberry, CEO at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and Jodie Hill, Director at employment law firm Thrive Law to get their thoughts on whether we can live and work hundreds of miles away from out employers and the effects of remote working on personal and company finances. 

Money Box is a weekly personal finance radio programme on BBC Radio 4 broadcast live each Saturday at 12pm (BST/ GMT) and repeated on Sunday evenings at 9pm (BST/ GMT). However, you can also listen to episodes in podcast formats across platforms such as BBC Radio 4, Spotify and Apple Podcast

4. The Diary of A CEO with Steven Bartlett 

As a remote worker you also have to become your own motivator. This can be extremely challenging when faced with a 3pm productivity slump on a Wednesday afternoon. If you are in need of some inspirational and motivational business episodes then The Diary of A CEO with Steven Bartlett is for you. Steven’s story amazing rags to riches story about his journey from a broke, university dropout to a 29 year old ex CEO of Social Chain is inspiring enough to get you grafting until 5pm. However, his candid and unscripted interviews with his impressive guests, including Will Shu, Reggie Yates, Joe Wicks and Grace Beverley, are what truly gives his podcast its edge. 

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett is available on https://www.stevenbartlett.com/podcast , Apple Podcasts , Spotify, Google Podcasts and Youtube

5. Sunday Scaries by Headspace

Sunday Scaries by Headspace | Podcast on Spotify

We’ve all had that unsettling feeling in the pit of our stomachs on a Sunday evening. The dread of knowing that the weekend is almost over and the working week is about to hit us in the face. The people at Headspace have come up with a fantastic way of alleviating the infamous “Sunday Scaries” with their new mini-meditation podcast series. Hosted by medication and mindfulness teacher, Dora Kamu, each 5 minute episode leads you through a guided meditation to reframe your thinking and prepare yourself for the week ahead. 

Sunday Scaries by Headpace is a Spotify exclusive podcast. 

6. Times News Briefing 

Times news briefing | Podcast on Spotify

Sometimes working remotely can make you feel disconnected from the outside world. If you are someone who likes to stay updated on what is happening in the world without the fear of being distracted by the TV or radio, The Times News Briefing is a must-listen. Absorb the latest headlines and analysis, three times a day in under 5 minute episodes. 

Times News Briefing is available on https://www.thetimes.co.uk/podcasts/times-news-briefing , Apple Podcasts and Spotify

What are your favourite podcasts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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