Productivity Tips For Working Remotely

Remote Worker Working From Home with Wurkr and enjoy the perks of increased productivity thanks to Working From Anywhere and ending Zoom Fatigue

Coronavirus spreading at rocket speeds has affected everything starting from the availability of hand sanitizers to the ban on international travel. This is the key reason why several companies are now recommending or mandating their employees to work from home until and unless the effect of the virus is slowed down. Several people fantasize about working from the comfort of their own homes. While you are working remotely, you gain flexibility to do your job right. However, at times,  this luxury can turn into a missed opportunity, especially if you aren’t planning accordingly.

Remember working remotely is a double-edged sword - you get to stay at home, but at times it can be hard to focus on the actual work. No matter if it is a pile of laundry that looks more appealing than your senior's to-do list, or a Netflix show that you have been dying to watch. Staying productive, especially during this period of hybrid working, may take more effort than it seems. Moreover, isolation can soon become a downer especially for those who love socializing at their workplace. Keeping all these in mind, here we bring you some basic remote working tips which can be easily followed while you are working remotely from home.


Get The Basics Right

Many say that working from home can be similar to a litmus paper to your overall productivity. Also, many people would argue over the fact that it might need more intrinsic motivation in order to perform work efficiently and deliver it on time especially while working from home.

However, we believe that this is not necessarily true. You really don’t need to lose productivity because of these, but all you need is to get your basics right. Whenever you are working from home, you can find distractions at each and every step. However, getting all your basics right in order to follow a properly organized routine can help in avoiding compulsions.

Remote Worker Working From Home with Wurkr and enjoy the perks of increased productivity thanks to Working From Anywhere and ending Zoom Fatigue

Tips For Remote Working
  1. Try Choosing A Proper Home Office:

    The best thing about working from home is gaining a level of comfort. However, at times comfort can come at the cost of focus, productivity, and target loss. At times you might sit at any place, and start working on a to-do list. However all of a sudden, a television ad might tempt you to leave your work and watch a series. This sort of distraction can happen every now and then, especially if you choose any random place to work. Therefore, having a particular place in your home for all your office work can really work like a charm.

    Choosing a suitable working environment can help boost your efficiency. In order to achieve your goals you ought to choose a space that has great natural lighting and set it up with a comfortable chair to sit on. Furthermore, you can keep all your required materials (like pens, planner, water bottle etc.) right in front of you so that you don’t need to get up while working. Having a dedicated workplace will enable you to remove isolation, improve collaboration and keep yourself focused on your to-do list by providing an office sort of environment. Remember, no matter the task at hand,  concentration is the key to effective results


  1. Try To Install Quality Technology:
    Working remotely comes with its own set of pros and cons. As much as you can love working from your home at your own pace, an outdated system or a poor internet connection can become frustrating. No-one wants to be that person who is hard to understand due to their poor network conditions. Such things can make you feel embarrassed and you can even miss out on being a part of any major discussions. In such cases, installing a good WiFi router and securing a strong internet connection can help you progress further.

    Remember having proper internet connectivity is the best tool for all remote employees. However, in order to get an affordable network, you need to do proper research about the speed, price, and specs before coming to a decision. Remote working is the future of the workplace and for this, you also need to have a modern system that can help in improving your work capability. Try investing in a good and affordable device from a genuine brand with top of the range features, like Wurkr. Trust us, this will massively  increase your productivity.

Remote Worker Working From Home with Wurkr and enjoy the perks of increased productivity thanks to Working From Anywhere and ending Zoom Fatigue

  1. Try Maintaining Consistent Working Hours:

    Have you ever lost track while working remotely? When your mind is completely focused on work, it is very much possible for you to become unaware of the amount of time that has passed. Remember being a workaholic is good but you should always limit this character trait to  your working hours. Don’t overdo it! A  work-life balance is must-have especially while you are working from home.

    Make sure to give your personal life as much importance as your professional life. Furthermore, you must always stick to your working hours or your workdays. For example, try working for eight hours a day (with breaks, of course) and make sure to stick to it. If you aren't following a properly organized work schedule, you might miss out on a social life too. Remember maintaining work hours properly improves team culture and also helps you to grow scale quickly.
  1. Try To Eat And Sleep Right:

    A great perk about working remotely is getting free access to your kitchen. Being on a healthy diet is very much essential especially if you are a working person. Therefore you must eat healthily and sleep right in order to function better instead of draining all your energy. Remember that sufficient sleep, healthy food, exercise, and proper peace of mind are necessities and not luxuries.

 Remote Worker Working From Home with Wurkr and enjoy the perks of increased productivity thanks to Working From Anywhere, ending Zoom Fatigue and Eating Well.

  1. Try Taking Schedule Breaks While Working:

    Try to set up an alarm in order to get up and stretch on every passing hour. Also walk around your home, while talking and chatting on the phone with a friend. Remember breaking up the day into several parts and moving your body every now and then enables you to refresh yourself while increasing your productivity when you return to your work. 

We hope all these tips and tricks help you to further boost your productivity while working remotely. To find out more, don’t forget to visit our website.

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