4 Must-Have Remote Collaboration Tools

Whether your future of work involves hybrid work, fully remote, or distributed teams, like any good handyman you’re going to need to have the right tools for the job. Transitions in cultures are already difficult, so do not go ahead with faulty remote collaboration software that won’t stand the test of time and will only cause headaches. Here are 4 remote collaboration tools that I use EVERY DAY


Wurkr - My Virtual Workspace


Wurkr is a virtual workspace. An effective SaaS-enabled platform that helps organisations to better cultivate company culture, and encourage spontaneous collaboration and creativity in remote and distributed environments.

In layman's terms, a virtual workspace is a visual representation of an office, made up of 13 (other plans are available) rooms, with each room being somewhere I can join and immediately be in an HD video call. It really makes a difference in my day-to-day work, organising invitations was always my least favourite part of using meeting software like Zoom and Teams, Wurkr’s instant collaboration throws my biggest irritant in the bin. 

And since it allows for file sharing and private messaging, I rarely have to use other forms of communication, I can keep it all together, just one click away.

Here I am in our Wurkr Wunderland room, that’s me on the far left, this is where I will usually spend most of my time while working. As you can see, at the moment there are five other people in this room with me. This means that at any time if we wanted to, we could unmute and turn our cameras on for an impromptu meeting or even just a casual chat to catch up with how everyone is doing.

Wurkr also has integration with our next life-saving remote collaboration tools: Google Workspace, allowing you to stay ‘in the office’ at all times. 

Google Workspace - AKA Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides


Google Workspace is a great collaboration tool for remote employeesI probably don’t need to say much about Google's cloud-based Microsoft office equivalents, they are the holy grail of collaboration. Google Docs is one of if not the most regularly used apps in all professions, being able to have multiple people update and work on a text document at the same time gets work done so much faster, and being able to see what others are doing cuts down on time spent getting everyone on the same page (metaphorically). 

Google Sheets, Google’s Excel, is extremely versatile, allowing organisations to organise workloads via spreadsheets with easy-to-create calendars and infinite workspace. Like Excel, Sheet’s conditional formatting is a godsend, allowing for surprisingly complicated automation, and lifting organizational workload off your shoulders. 

Buffer - Marketing Made Easier


Buffer Publish Review | PCMag

I could handle my own personal social media just fine, but a whole company’s? No Chance, right? Well, Buffer makes it easier than ever to organise and schedule your social media posts. Set preferred schedules and routine posts and you don’t even have to select what time you want to send out your content, it does it all for you. Send hundreds of posts a week on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and see your follower counts rocket. This is one of the best remote collaboration tools I ever encountered with.

Buffer also helps you track your engagement, notifying you of comments and reactions to your posts, and recommending which ones you should respond to. Or, get access to your post analytics, letting you make small incremental changes to your posts and optimize engagement.

Canva - Make Beautiful Designs with No Experience 


Canva helps remote employees create great designs without depending too much on designers

In all my years of experience on the internet, trying different software and websites, very few have come to the simplicity of use that Canva does. Without having ever used Canva before, I was immediately able to get hands-on and make some professional designs. It opened my eyes, previously I assumed that the graphics I had seen so many companies put out required immense amounts of time and effort on programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but no, here I was choosing my elements, creating layers, and social posts in minutes. That makes it one of the the best remote collaboration tools for remote teams.

In previous programs that I had used, I always struggled with white backgrounds and finding hi-resolution images. Canva has a HUGE amount of vector images that they will recommend to you, based on your content, that you can scale up, add effects to, and even change the colours of - creating whole new unique images. 

Wurkr is the Tool for You

With Wurkr’s 14-day free trial, there really is no reason to not give us a chance. If you do, we are sure you’ll fall in love with how easy it makes the transition to remote working that you’ll want to join our growing community with members from all over the world (literally).

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Be part of the future and build your diverse team today by signing up for a free trial now!

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