Five Top Work Benefits that Remote-First Companies Offer

When thinking about the benefits of working from home an image may form in your head: You, sitting on your sofa, the TV is on, it’s the latest series on Netflix, season 2 of Space Force, there’s a half-full Ben and Jerry’s, the other half is in your stomach, along with 3 cups of coffee, and finally your laptop screen featuring the work you haven’t touched in half an hour. To any employers thinking of transitioning to remote working, I promise this imagination is not reality and that productivity actually rises with hybrid working. And to the potential employees, I apologise for the tease, however, there are plenty of REAL benefits that remote-first companies offer. 


Remote Working helps employees save money on commute and helps companies save money on office space expenses

Flexible Work Hours

This is one of the most prized possessions of the remote worker. What normally has to be haggled for in most in-person jobs, those that work from home almost unanimously get to enjoy thanks to the wellbeing-focused culture that hybrid work culture brings. Working remotely goes hand in hand with flexible work hours and gives employees the agency to strike a better work-life balance that would ultimately not be possible for them otherwise. Traditional limitations that incentivise all employees being in the office at the same time are pleasantly absent in the world of remote work, with employees being able to work around their day with possibilities such as picking up a child from school and continuing to work afterwards. 

Everyone’s Saving Money

This is something we can all appreciate. The transition to remote-first companies hybrid working culture will be a seismic shift in how we work as a wider economy. However, while most changes require massive upfront investments with promises of returns, in the long run, remote work boasts immediate cost decreases. Currently, rent costs for offices are a significant barrier for startups. Sure, you can work out of your garage, like all these billionaires supposedly did. However, it's not really viable these days, as with the incredible competition in 2022 you need something more professional. Rent can easily cost thousands of dollars a month, just look at these prices! For small businesses, these prices make it impossible to balance the books. Thankfully virtual workspaces like Wurkr cost significantly less, especially with the company's new $99 startup plan, a whole year's worth of Wurkr for just $99, a saving of around 90%. 

And it’s not just your boss that’ll end up with a fatter wallet. Commuting can cost upwards of £2000 per year if you’re travelling by train. I’m sure most of us could do with an extra £2000.

Privacy, Independence, and Trust building

When working in remote-first companies, certain toxic work traits such as unnecessary micromanagement and individual expression suppression has become obsolete. As it turns out, the traditional rules of the office do not stretch to the home office. Employees are able to personalize their workspaces to what improves their mood and keeps them working at tip-top productivity throughout the day. Sarah’s six different candles will no longer annihilate Jerome's nose, they can both work without disruption thanks to the many miles between them. 

The Best of the Best

The acceptance of working from home has opened up brand new opportunities for employers. No longer are they limited by geographical immobility. We can go from hiring the best of the best in the city to the best of the best in well… the world. Distributed teams can bring your company to a whole new level, no longer do you have to compete with other businesses in the ever-stagnating labour markets in your locale, now you have the opportunity to find that diamond in the rough. 

Distributed teams also tend to be more diverse, with employees from all over the globe they enjoy employees with wide-ranging backgrounds and experiences. This inherent benefit of diversity cannot be overstated, as with diverse people comes diverse minds. When your teams have all lived very different lives, they will naturally come to different solutions to problems, always thinking outside of your box. 

Wurkr helps you collaborate with your team seamlessly


This benefit remote-first companies goes both ways as well. Remote working opens up opportunities for people that they’d otherwise not have. Disabled people who are often unable to make long commutes will have thousands of doors open up for them thanks to this acceptance of working from home. There are 700,000 people in the UK with autism (in 2018) making up around 1% of the population, and as revealed in an ONS publication only 22% of autistic adults are in “any kind of employment”

The amount of people that will have their lives enriched by working from home is more than you can imagine.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice the Good Stuff

Once a year Christmas parties, 25% off, free gym membership, and whatever perks that your company offers right now, you don’t have to give up when working from home.

Wurkr's virtual workspace fully replicates the physical office culture with several other remote-first companies work benefits. Whilst it’s fantastic for working productively, it's also fantastic for hosting social events and having a blast! 

Wurkr is the Tool for You

With Wurkr’s 14-day free trial, there really is no reason not to give us a chance, and if you do, we are sure you’ll fall in love with how easy it makes the transition to remote working that you’ll want to join our growing community with members from all over the world (literally). 

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