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Employees love the remote work culture and are keen to work in an organization that provides a remote work environment. Have this in mind, businesses and organizations have been moving towards hybrid and remote work.

Though employees love working from home, it is highly challenging for organizations to nurture and develop a strong remote team culture in an organization. To create a strong culture, the companies should take care of their employees.

Wurkr understands the importance of work culture, and that's why we have developed a platform that eases the process of remote work culture and smoothens the process of communication and virtual interactions.

All of Wurkr’s employees work remotely across four continents and we have successfully managed to build a positive and healthy remote culture in the organization. 

In this article, we will share the 7 most important techniques we used at wurkr to build a strong remote culture. Before revealing the technology, it is essential to know why remote culture is important.

Why is remote culture so important?

Culture fosters a connection between the company and its employees. Since remote teams are not physically present next to each other, it becomes significant to build a strong culture that holds the team together.

Remote work culture is responsible for a positive work environment and instills a sense of accountability in the employees. The culture of any company ensures that employees work for the core values of the company and enrich their wellbeings, and the company also makes sure that it retains its top talent this way.

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Here are the 7 techniques to build a strong remote work culture

Define your remote culture

The most important step is to communicate with your employees while onboarding them or even after onboarding. Let them know what your company stands for and the core values of your company. It is necessary to define your company culture in a document form.

Write your employees about the remote work culture of a company look like and the expectations you have from your employees. Aware your team about companies' remote cultures and arrange some regular interaction sessions for better communication.

Create trust and safety

Always make yourself available to listen to your employee's grievances. There should be a positive and healthier work environment where employees have a strong feeling, that they will not get punished or embarrassed if they speak up in the virtual team meetings.

Great work culture comprises trust and mutual respect, and they are always open to listening to any crazy ideas or thoughts. Such a virtual work environment makes the team emotionally connected and strengthens team bonding.

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Develop clear internal communication 

The most critical step for the success of a remote work environment is internal communication. Companies hire an expert person responsible for internal communication and building team culture. This person should be the one who understands the company's vision and has accomplished mastery in communicating with remote staff.

They spread the message smoothly throughout the organization. They also ensure that the chat channels work effectively and nobody is left out in virtual team bonding sessions.

Make room for team bonding

The major problem with a remote work environment is that often employees feel isolated as they are working solo from home. During such a time, it becomes necessary for team leaders or managers to come ahead and open the lines of communication. The leaders have to ensure that they get connected to employees on a personal level. 

They can start social channels to share social things to strengthen team bonding and allow teammates to understand each other better. 

Ask for regular feedback

The best way to know whether your employee is enjoying their work or not is to ask them. Asking for their feedback gives them the sense of authority that their words matter to the company. In a transparent organization, feedback should be positively encouraged, and staff should feel pride in expressing their concerns and suggestions.

It is essential for a company's growth that its employees actively participate in an organization, and the leader must sort out the grievances of his team.

Find creative ways to keep people engaged

The best way to develop a positive work environment is to keep the team engaged in healthy team activities. You can create sessions for a team gathering, where everyone is free to share their thoughts and can also share their challenges. 

At Wurkr, we often create team bonding sessions on our platform to understand the team's requirements. You can organize some game or personal story session so that everyone could know each other better and work together for a company's goal and vision.

Create mentorship program

The company can only grow if its employees grow and vice versa. It is important to ensure that the company plays a critical role in the growth of each individual working for the vision of the company. Hence, to develop trust and a sense of belongingness in a remote team, it is crucial to grow them and arrange mentorship programs where they can learn from their peers.

It is critical to know what employees' expectations from the company are, they don't always need money but growth. Set metrics to track growth and measure progress, host workshops and keep giving them feedback on their work. 

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Wurkr ensures a positive and healthy remote work culture in the company. If you feel you are not on the same path, apply the above mention techniques to develop a strong remote culture in your organization. It's not easy to create such virtual culture, but the active involvement of the team will definitely make it happen.

No matter whether you operate remotely or in a hybrid, better communication and involvement is the most essential thing for success. We did it, so you too.

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