Which industries are offering the most entry-level remote working opportunities?

a young graduate searching for remote working opportunities thanks to a rise in work from home roles thanks to wurkr remote working platform

As graduation season commences, more Gen Z are entering the workforce. Although the pandemic has had a negative impact on the last graduating year in securing employment, 2021 is going to be better. According to NACE, employers are to hire 7.2% more university graduates this year than they did in 2020.

After over a year of remote and hybrid learning, new graduates are not wanting to give up their work from home routines just yet. According to a FlexJobs study surveying the class of 2021, 32% of students said that they would accept reduced annual leave in favour of a flexible working model. Furthermore, 24% reported they would accept a lower salary in order to work remotely or hybridly. Unfortunately, according to HRD, only 3.01% of graduate roles in 2020 were remote. Despite this figure, it seems that Gen Z wants to work remotely. But which industries are offering the most remote working opportunities?

1. Customer Service

customer service representative working from home thanks to wurkr remote working platform
Customer service workers collaborate with a wide range of businesses to be the direct touch points between a wide range of businesses and their customers by providing guidance and addressing their requests and complaints. Customers can connect with representatives via phone, email, chat, or mail. Many companies, like Octopus Energy, have allowed their customer service representatives to embrace remote working.

2. Sales

sales representative working from home thanks to wurkr remote working platform
Since January 2021, the amount of remote entry-level sales job listings has increased by 25% ! Most sales are done via technology. Phone calls, emails and virtual meetings are the main ways in which business is done. Luckily, these three methods all allow sales representatives to work from anywhere they want. All you need is ambition to succeed and a good internet connection. Sales is also a good industry for those who opted against the path of further education as in this case experience beats a degree.

3. Tech

Tech platform which allows its remote workers to work from home using platforms like Wurkr
The tech industry has been embracing remote work for some time. Many tech companies even continued to hire during the pandemic. There are so many tech related roles that you will easily find a field that suits you. Like for all remote jobs, managers look for candidates who can demonstrate active listening, critical thinking and (of course) computing knowledge. While some roles may require specialized computer science degrees, there are many online courses out there, on Codecademy or freeCodeCamp, to help you boost your tech knowledge in order to secure a role.

The remote working is the future. Thanks to virtual tools, like Wurkr, distributed teams can work together with ease. As more industries and companies, like Facebook and Google, embrace these tools and adopt flexible working strategies there will without doubt be more remote working opportunities for graduates and non-graduates alike.

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