Why Work is Shifting to an Employee-Oriented Culture

For the longest time, the relationship between the employer and employee has been out of balance, with employees lacking the power to stand up for themselves in the workplace. However more recently, thanks to a cultural movement that prioritises self-care and values life outside the office, employers have had to loosen their grip on the average workers' life - and have found out that it benefits them too anyway. 

As many startups and companies with open-minded CEOs have caught on to, employee oriented culture directly leads to greater productivity. With some places trialing a 4-day working week and finding out that productivity can increase up to a whopping 40%

At Wurkr we value our employees and are willing to accommodate any needs, as well as hold regular social events to keep spirits high and reduce stress. 

We’ve Learned to Respect Life outside of Work

Growing numbers of people in the world are joining the ranks and becoming their own boss by setting up their own ‘side hustle’. So what exactly is it that nearly ⅔’s of Americans are doing? A side hustle is a project that a person would work on outside of their normal part-time or even full-time hours, with the intent to bring in extra income. Often these side hustles will involve the person's hobbies as much as possible, putting full faith into the quote “Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life” - Confucius (apparently). 

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With more people than ever having other obligations outside of work, it is therefore important that companies respect employees’ time outside of work, and give adequate notice to any requests to work outside of normal working hours because it could very well leave the employee feeling mistreated, undervalued and more likely to quit.

We’ve Embraced Hybrid Working

What previously would have had tangled red tape and paper barriers put in place to disincentivise workers requesting remote work, the pandemic has forced the hand of the employer and made hybrid working, the future of the workforce. Many countries in 2020 and 2021 had a form of lockdown that prevented or discouraged working in person in the office, and so if those companies wanted to keep the ball rolling, the transition to working from home had to begin. 

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Finally, in 2022, employees often have the opportunity to choose to work from home full-time or part-time as a ‘hybrid’ worker. Many love the privacy and comfort of their own home, being able to snuggle in a blanket away from the prying eyes of their boss - while doing all of their work of course. However, this transition has also opened up the workforce to those who really couldn't work in person, autistic individuals who found the constant hum of office lights inhospitable, and introverted people who prefer to communicate online now have a place in which they can work a habitat best suited for themselves. It help you to shift yourself to employee-oriented culture.

Wurkr provides a virtual workspace for companies that allows their employees to join audio/video calls and communicate instantly. 

We’ve Learned to Enjoy Time Off

With more and more in the news making the world seem like it's in a dire state, whether it's a global pandemic, irreversible climate change, or the simmerings of a new world war, the best an individual can do is enjoy their time, their time off. 

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Along with the cultural movement of self-care, a more general shift towards valuing nature and travel has taken a hold of some workers. How much paid time off is available is growing in importance for new employees entering the workforce as they choose to value their free time higher than previous generations. Jobs that actively discourage employees from travelling and experiencing different cultures are less likely to retain employees who don't feel valued. 

We've Learned to Support Mental Wellbeing

With the stress of the last two years, unless your soul is made of steel, everyone has experienced a low point. And with mutual experience, we’ve come to realise the importance that mental well-being has, and its ability to negatively impact other physical aspects of our lives. Those who’ve felt more isolated may quickly find themselves feeling lethargic and unmotivated to do their work. 

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Being willing to accommodate employee needs and understanding that wellbeing is part of corporate responsibility is a shift that helps everyone and leads to a more productive employee workforce in the long run.  With this, companies are now introducing regular non-work activities to engage their workers, from Monday yoga to Friday pub quizzes.

Wurkr is the Tool for You

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