How to Spring Clean Your Virtual Workspace

Spring clean virtual office and physical office which promotes productivity thank to the virtual office wurkr

The clocks have gone forward and we have entered BST. As the seasons change for the warmer we often whip out the feather duster and start spring cleaning. However, not many of us tackle both the physical and virtual workspace. Wurkr  is here to the rescue with our top tips on spring cleaning your workspace. 

  • Organization is key

Start with a blank canvas and clean your desk, that way it is easier to visualize how you want your virtual workspace to look like. However, organization is key. It is truth universally acknowledged that not everyone works in the same way.. More creative people may benefit from ordered chaos in order to improve productivity, while others may need a totally clean desk. Unsure as to which system is best for you? Experiment with multiple storage strategies to see what works for you in your environment. Nonetheless, storage boxes and two-tiered storage trays are great for keeping your important things to hand.

  • Remove the virtual clutter

Now that you’ve got your physical workspace sorted it’s time to work on your virtual clutter. There is no need to have 10385038 tabs open at one time. More than often you will forget that tab ever existed. If you think that it may be of use in the future, consider bookmarking it, that way you can close with the knowledge that it can be easily located. Be efficient and try grouping your tabs on Chrome or using the divider extension, so that you declutter your virtual workspace. 

Moreover, Wurkr helps to minimize your virtual clutter. Instead of having to monitor endless email chains whilst jumping between different Zoom calls, Wurkr’s virtual workspace allows you to communicate with your team via message, audio and video in real time and most importantly in one tab. By removing the constant switching between platforms and the stresses associated with endless video conferencing you can cure yourself from Zoom Fatigue. Declutter your virtual workspace with Wurkr today:

However, your browser is not the only thing that may need to be worked on. If you have one device for both work and play your desktop more than likely looks like this. 

Overly cluttered computer desktop in need of a virtual spring clean to promote wellness at work

This needn’t be the case. Organization is key to productivity. Sort through your files and try to be as efficient as possible. Not only will you clear up some space on your hard-drive, but you will have a less daunting sight when you turn on your laptop at the start of the day. 

  • Speed things up

    Working remotely and downloading files can take its toll on your laptop. Although deleting unwanted files will have a positive effect on your device’s efficiency, we have a nifty trick to help you make things 3x faster. For Apple users, just press ‘Command Shift G’ and type in “~/Library/Caches” and press enter , you’ll see a selection of files created by apps in the past that are no longer necessary. Delete them all! For Windows, type in “%temp%” into the search bar and delete everything in that folder.  
  • Jazz it up

    A clean virtual workspace does not need to be clinical. There is no problem with jazzing things up a bit. Working in a customized environment has been shown in studies  to improve productivity by favourably affecting your morale and work satisfaction. Try setting your wallpaper to something that inspires you. It may be a picture of loved ones, an old holiday snap or a motivational quote. At Wurkr, we love a good quote to motivate us on a monday morning. Follow us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube )  and check out out #MondayMotivation posts. You may even find a new desktop wallpaper to inspire you. 

Steve Jobs, founder of apple, inspirational and motivational quote background created by Wurkr which could boost productivity

We hope you enjoy spring cleaning your workspace following these tips.  We would love to see your efforts, so don’t hesitate in sharing pictures of your virtual workspace with us. Connect with Wurkr on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube to share.

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