The Best Places to Work From Anywhere

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The ‘New Normal’ has been the breeding ground for a specific type of remote worker… the digital nomad. Although remote working may feel new, many workers have been working  remotely and/or flexibly for many years before the pandemic hit. However, following the post coronavirus shift towards remote working solutions many workers do not want to return to the office. Due to a fall in tourism holiday destinations have shifted their focus towards remote ‘workations’ in order to attract visitors. But which places are opening their doors to remote workers?

      1. Goa, India

India’s sunshine state has always been known for its remote worker-friendly environment. There are many remote working communities that will show you the ropes and help you make the most of everything Goa has to offer. 

NomadGao in Assagao is a co-working and co-living neighbourhood for digital nomads freelancers and remote workers alike. The space welcomes remote workers for minimum stays of at least 1 month. 

When you’re not working remotely, you will also have the opportunity to soak up some rays and take in Goa’s natural beauty. From waterfalls to UNESCO World Heritage sites, there is so much to do and see in Goa.


         2. Mauritius 

Known for being a go-to holiday destination for the rich and famous, Mauritius could now become your next ‘office’. The new Premium Visa permits non-resident remote workers to reside in Mauritius for 12 months, with the option to extend their stay if they so wish. There is even the added bonus of an ‘arrival concierge’ to help their new residents settle in and tackle the tedious tasks of banking and finding a car. 

Remote workers only need to arrange their accommodation before arrival as well as providing health and travel insurance  The visa is free and even includes a complimentary Covid-19 vaccine. However, there are a couple of conditions, including a promise to not enter the local labour market, a mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine and the need to pay tax after 183 days residency. 

If you are in the market for a shorter stay, then there is the option of a max 180 day stay with the regular tourist visa. This way you can still attend meetings a stone’s throw away from the Indian Ocean, without the long term commitment of the Premium Visa. 

An image of a beach in the remote working hot spot of Mauritius.

         3. Algarve, Portugal

Portugal has always been a popular destination for Brits due to it sharing a timezone whilst also basking in the sunshine 300 days a year. With temperatures rarely going below 15C, the Algarve is far from the confinements of an excessively air conditioned office block. 

The Algarve has launched a Clean & Safe campaign in order to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic whilst still welcoming visitors from abroad. The President of Algarve Tourism, João Fernandes, has welcomed remote workers in a statement: “ With first class healthcare and with English widely spoken, it is a perfect place to work from for an extended period”.

Image of a beach in the remote working location of Algarve in Portugal

      4. Gran Canaria, Spain

Famed for its winter sun and highs of 23C in the winter months, it is no wonder that remote workers have set their sights on Gran Canaria and all it has to offer. 

In 2020, the Canary Islands launched a €500,000 campaign to attract 30 000 remote workers from across Europe for long-term stays. However, Gran Canaria also welcomes freelancers too thanks to Spain’s self-employment work visa. 

These plans have been influenced by the growing remote working communities already established in areas like Gran Canaria. It is even home to the European annual remote-working events and communities like Repeople  and Nomad City. With such a large community of remote workers you can network and meet new people rather than suffering the isolation that traditional WFH can cause. 

Furthermore, there are over 90 co-working spaces in the Canary Islands with plenty of space for remote workers to get to know the islands. When you’re not working away, you can also enjoy its 80 stretches of golden sandy beaches or surf its famous waves. 

      5. Anywhere

Work from Anywhere is exactly what it says on the tin. Thanks to platforms, like Wurkr’s workspace, you can work from anywhere your heart desires. May that be a 180 day stay in chilly Iceland, or taking advantage of Barbados’ Welcome Stamp. No matter where you are, Wurkr will enable you to stay connected to your team whilst you are able to experience another culture by working remotely. Are you wanting to work from anywhere? Sign up for a free Wurkr virtual office trial today: 

Where would you like to work remotely from? Comment your favourite work from anywhere locations below.


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