Webinar: Future of Work Boardroom by India Global Forum

The Future of Work Boardroom

by India Global Forum, London


To explore key technologies and innovations that will holistically support workforces and enhance productivity.

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Work culture has been evolving steadily over the years, with traditional office structures being altered permanently by trends such as Working From Home (WFH) and remote working. As technology continues to develop, the future of work also continues to evolve to bring in greater inclusivity, diversity, flexibility, and innovation. This and consecutive Boardrooms will bring together experts, corporate leaders, senior government representatives and investors to identify and focus on key technological trends and policy recommendations that will shape the future of work.


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Collaboration will be key. The future of work will need to focus on the tools and tech we need for better engagement and outcomes within teams. Work will also move to be measured around outcomes than working hours.

Arvind Gupta
Head and Co-founder
Digital India Foundation


Organisations are now shifting their attention from the ‘accessorisation of the future of work’ – from tools, tech, platforms – to the ‘behavioural componentry’ of this transformation. On an institutional level we are making efforts around locating the right texture, calibre and nature of leadership that is now required to be functional and successful in this setting.

V N Srinivasa Rao - Headline Speaker
EY Partner, EY Global Vice Chair - Global Delivery Services, 
EY Deputy Chairman - Emerging Markets Committee


In the past leaders were expected to focus on costs, productivity, market size and competition rather than the behavioural or emotional side of things. Today, however, leaders have to place importance on the employee engagement agenda.

Devyani Vaishampayan - Chair
Managing Partners and CEO, 
HR Tech Partnership



Most organisations believe flexible work or hybrid work is going to be the norm going forward and they are starting to prepare for that by ensuring that employees whether working remotely or from office have the right tools and technology to hand to provide an inclusive work environment, while also ensuring data security.

Minhaj Zia
Director - Collaboration Sales  
Cisco India and SAARC


From an infrastructure point of view, we are definitely seeing a disbursement of traditional office structures. Offices now will have to be redesigned and reconceptualised from being just spaces with work desks to becoming a space that encourages collaboration, engagement and innovation.

Karan Virwani

CEO, WeWork India


Recruitment and retention are going to be a challenge as talent moves around the world. We’re losing people at the minute because they are leaving before they start jobs.

Norma Gillespie

CEO, Resource Solutions


Employees are becoming more and more specific about the kind of organisation they want to work with, which means flexibility, hybrid and remote working is becoming more prevalent.

Devyani Vaishampayan - Chair
Managing Partners and CEO, 
HR Tech Partnership
While virtual and hybrid offices have enabled employees to engage with each other more during team meetings, employers need to ensure that certain etiquettes are followed in the virtual office such as keeping videos on, allowing others to speak, to ensure all around engagement and inclusivity.
Krishnan Raman
Co-founder and CEO,


Technology is and will continue to play a key role in ensuring that employees working remotely feel connected to their teams and included while also monitoring employee productivity and performance.
Annil Chandel
Co-founder & CEO, Wurkr


Take Aways:

Action Points:
  • Organisation purpose is now emerging as an even bigger agenda item than before. Leaders need to ensure this purpose feels central to what employees feel about the organisation in a hybrid workplace. Here, technology can offer solutions to help employees feel integrated within the workplace culture.
  • More action points: Boardroom Report: Future of Work by India Global Forum, London

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