The New Normal: Is Hybrid Work the Future of Remote Work?

Work from home office set up for hybrid and remote workers

As a society we are no longer strangers to the world of remote working. Many companies are trying to get their staff back to work and revert back to “business as normal”. However, as workers have experienced the benefits of working remotely, they are not too keen on returning to the office full time.


Working from anywhere is not for everyone. Not everyone can work away from the office full time. Nonetheless, according to a study by global research firm Gartner, 48% of employees expect to work remotely post-pandemic, up from 30% pre-pandemic. Whilst an unanimous adoption of remote working is still not realistic, it seems that the traditional 9-to-5 office day is no longer fit for purpose.


Companies have noticed this shift in attitude towards working and are thinking towards a state of returning to the office accordingly. Atlassian, for example, is adopting the model “team anywhere”. Their employees will be given the choice between working remotely or inside a physical office or a hybrid of the two.


Evidence suggests that workers crave the flexibility that hybrid work gives them. Addeco Group UK and Ireland’s study, The ‘Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work’, found that 77% of employees would prefer hybrid working, whilst 79% think that companies should implement more flexibility in how and where their staff can work. This means that office city culture will still remain but that employees are given the flexibility to work from anywhere to suit their lifestyles.

Hybrid workers working in an office when not working remotely.


The main question being raised is how staff in and away from the office will be able to remain connected when in different locations. Luckily, virtual offices like Wurkr are the perfect tool for Working Together From Anywhere. Virtual offices are not only for out of office use. Colleagues within the same department can all log into the same office, wherever they are, so that they are able to stay connected no matter where they are.


Thanks to technology, staying connected and working together from different locations no longer poses any unconquerable challenges. Instead, workers are able to spend more time at home with their loved ones whilst maintaining productivity and save money and time that would have been spent on lengthy commutes. Hybrid work patterns will also be the end of the famous “Zoom fatigue”, as workers will have the flexibility to work from anywhere they please, both in and out of the office.


The last few months have taught us that there is no need to choose between the office and remote work. It is in fact possible to have the best of both worlds as we try and navigate our ‘new normal’.


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