The Real Reason Why Freelancers Are Adopting Virtual Workplaces

Gone are the days when Freelancers used to be the small-timers who were looking for short-term gigs. The current trend is that much of Small Medium scale businesses depend on Freelancers for their day-to-day requirements in tech, content as well as marketing and sales requirements. 

As the Flexible statistics say: 70% of SMBs in the U.S. have worked with freelancers at least once. 81% of these companies plan to hire freelancers again. 83% agree that freelancers have greatly helped their business.

Contrary to the previous trends, Freelancers are also making good money and the freelancing job sector is becoming more and more competitive day by day. To work along with their clients, freelancers are finding innovative methods and virtual workspaces are a new addition to the lot. 

A virtual workspace allows freelancers to work along with their clients on a conversational basis no matter where either of them is from or are currently. All they need is a proper internet connection. This is one of the very reasons why most people today are looking for remote freelance work.

Having remote freelance jobs reduces travel time, boosts productivity, and results in a reduced turnover ratio, in addition to allowing for no work commute, little to no equipment costs, and cheaper overhead expenses (without any tenancy agreement).

One such virtual workspace is Wurkr which is an innovative, collaborative online workspace that imitates the environment of your physical office online. Wurkr is a go-to rebuttal from the future for hybrid work environments in digital-first organisations that prioritise improving productivity while supporting employee well-being.

More on Remote Working

A virtual workspace allows freelancers to work along with their clients on a conversational basis no matter where either of them is from or are currently.

  • On Wurkr, working together is as easy as entering a room with the doors open. You just have to enter a virtual room wherein your teammates are and proceed! It also provides you with video-conferencing options and instant chats.
  • Wurkr allows you to create virtual rooms and hop from room to room with the perk of inviting your colleagues to your virtual room.
  • What makes Wurkr an even more desirable virtual workspace is that it is mobile-friendly. All you need is a browser and an internet connection, and you are good to go. Plus, leverage the disruptive multiple screens sharing tool to have dynamic dialogues with many stakeholders and maximise group discussions like never before!
  • Wurkr minimises monotony during work by providing a real-time team view and allowing users to invite co-workers into their rooms, thereby enabling interaction.
  • WebRTC is used for end-to-end encrypted transmission of all your internet communications and file sharing. It is a SaaS-enabled, extremely secure network. Therefore, Wurkr makes ensures complete data privacy.

A virtual workspace allows freelancers to work along with their clients on a conversational basis no matter where either of them is from or are currently.

Provided we have discussed the benefits of a sound, virtual workspace, let us discuss why remote freelance work is gaining more and more popularity:

Breaking monotony

As a freelancer is their own boss, they are also bound to impress each client that they come across to win over the project. A virtual workplace helps freelancers open up a space for their clients and work along with them spontaneously and genuinely instead of working with them on the basis of meetings.

Work when you're feeling creative and take breaks whenever you feel like it. No longer rely on the timer to eat lunch or take a break for tea. Make your routine unique.

Expand your professional potential

Many companies are hiring remote workers these days which makes it beneficial for many freelancers, as they then get the chance to learn new things with each new project. Working as a freelancer enables one to venture outside of their comfort zone and pursue a passion they've always had but were too timid to pursue.

Many millennial workers have passion-driven side companies that they wish they had more time to pursue. You oversee selecting your own work when you freelance. Freelance supports your ideas of attaining your secondary goals.

The trend here is that Millenials love the idea of a virtual workplace where they can stay connected with their clients and not have to deal with redundant meeting links and too many back and forth emails. 


A virtual workspace allows freelancers to work along with their clients on a conversational basis no matter where either of them is from or are currently.

Numerous Income Sources

There is no upper-income limit when you are into remote freelance work, which is a huge benefit. The quantity of projects that can be worked on concurrently is not limited by law. You can take on several projects that call for various abilities and work on them all at once. You can earn more money while remaining more industrious with this method.

Handful freelancers have developed their talents over time and can now take on multiple assignments at once while operating just a few days per week and earning six figures per month.

A virtual workspace helps in having an identity for themselves 

The WFH Lives forever

Functioning in companies hiring remote workers are the best places to work as a freelancer. You are not the only one who has imbibed the work-from-home culture deeply. Workers from all over the world are choosing a more flexible work style; some have even changed employers to ones that prioritise remote freelance work.

No matter whether your office reopens or not, when you are into remote freelance jobs, you have the option of functioning from anywhere you want. Despite lockdowns, people continue to work from home.

As WFH will continue taking over many of the work modes in the future, it will also be logical to find alternative solutions that replicate an office space without losing much of its appeal and abilities. Hence virtual workspaces come in handy for these freelancers. 

Wrapping Up

Remote freelance work gives you the best of both: remote working experience and freelancing. You can explore and try a different working environment and schedule with various freelance work ideas. You are free to select the one that best suits your preferences. While switching from a regular full-time job to one that requires remote freelance work may seem difficult, it is achievable and obviously seems to be the right choice for individuals.

Incorporating virtual workspaces plays a huge part in this transitioning scenario. Therefore, as mentioned above, virtual workspaces provide a better working environment with the perks of working remotely.

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