The secret to successful hybrid working...

Woman finding out the secret to successful hybrid working.

Remote working has really increased in popularity over the last 12 months. Now that many of us have become remote / hybrid working pros, we have all become well acquainted with the highs and lows of working away from the office. What if we told you that there need not be any lows at all? 

But how could that even be possible, we hear you asking yourself… The answer is really simple. It’s all down to passive collaboration. 


What is passive collaboration?

Think about how individuals use social collaboration technologies while working. When people are in need of information, their initial inclination is to seek it out. For example, when someone is working on an assignment, they probably want immediate feedback. No one wants to  spend hours exploring the internet , Googling, or making phone calls trying to figure out how to complete a task. Passive collaboration is the off-the-cuff communication we have throughout our working day. Platforms, like Wurkr, facilitate this type of collaboration as colleagues can simply turn on their mic or drop someone a message if they are in need of help. 

Passive collaboration is a fantastic use of Wurkr as a tool. Instead of having to wait for hours in order to get an answer, your colleagues can see your request in real-time allowing them to help you so that you can work as efficiently as possible

It is a known fact that one person will not have all of the answers. Our room chats allow employees to ask a question to all of their team members in order to boost productivity and efficiency. Thanks to passive collaboration tools, like Wurkr, and their different communication features, employees are not only boosting their individual productivity but also contributing to their organization’s overall development.  

However, it must be noted that although passive collaboration is the secret to successful hybrid and flexible working solutions, it is not everything.  Meetings and scheduled methods of communication are equally as important. Although it can often be annoying to jump between an array of platforms in order to communicate both actively and passively throughout the working day. Luckily, Wurkr allows you to do both. It is the one stop shop for remote working communications as it replicates all of the essential elements of your office - online. 

A office plan of a virtual office showing how messaging colleagues in the room chat in Wurkr can promote passive collaboration.

Why is passive collaboration important?

 Working remotely is by no means a new concept. Despite remote working being successfully implemented by companies like Sun Microsystems since the late 90s, instead open plan office trends dominated the working world. This really took a massive shift in 2020 following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic leading companies to jump into work from home mode. However this sudden change took its toll on all of the companies that were not prepared to work remotely.  

Many companies sought refuge in video conferencing platforms and cloud platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype, which came to the rescue by allowing teams to meet remotely online. Nonetheless, this seemingly successful form of active communication along with endless email chains quickly took its toll on workers everywhere because of a condition aptly called ‘Zoom Fatigue’. Although team members were still able to communicate virtually, video conferencing was by no means a substitute for in-person office work due to  its absence of enabling passive collaboration.

Unfortunately, video conferencing does not enable those unanticipated quick conversations we often find ourselves having on our way to refill our water bottles by the water-cooler. It is known that team members often brainstorm best in less organised and moderated environments. However, unnecessary long video conference meetings do not allow for the sporadic  spontaneity of off-the-cuff communication that we all crave in the workplace.

Many managers have been led to believe that workers only need a laptop, a somewhat reliable broadband supplier and relatively stable internet connection in order to complete their work. Although workers can finish tasks in teams without the presence of passive collaboration, their work may feel isolating and cause their ideas to be lacking in innovation. 

The New Normal has clearly demonstrated that more teams can be distributed (both part-time and full-time). The future of work should follow suit, even with the return of workers to the office as companies adopt hybrid working structures. Therefore, passive collaboration tools are not a mere temporary fix, but should be viewed as  long term solutions which enable team members to seamlessly work together from anywhere that suits their needs. 

Two remote working colleagues working hybridly in a virtual office whilst taking a coffee break in the break room in order to integrate passive collaboration.

That is why we created ! It is a video platform that replicates  your entire physical office but online! It allows you to communicate both actively and passively with your colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be. Our video communication feature enables you to host meetings with team members and external guests.  In addition, the office plan enables you to see where your colleagues are and their availability so that you can still have those much loved water-cooler moments. Moreover, our room chat feature enables you to ask questions to your colleagues without having to draft yet another wordy email to get their attention.

And just like that you have now unlocked the secret to successful hybrid and remote working. Now go watch your colleagues’ team communication and collaboration flourish! 

Has your team felt the negative impact of working from home? Are they tired of never-ending and tedious Zoom meetings ?

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