The story of the Wurkr family meet-up in Bangalore!

Imagine working in a company that has its teammates distributed across 4 continents in the world. The team would definitely lack real connections among them; meeting apps do little to help that. 


We at Wurkr along with all our happy customers who use Wurkr for their daily office space have thankfully never faced that issue. We get to have regular discussions, do fun activities together and even have some watercooler chats that have been the driving force behind the workforce of the office-going world. 

The thing about being able to maintain great synchrony with your workmates is that you would also form a good mental connection with them and that creates the need for meeting in real at least once a year. Surprisingly, we all felt as if it was just another day at Wurkr despite the fact that we were meeting our teammates for the first time in reality in a WeWork office in Bangalore as part of our CEO, Annil Chandel’s visit to India. 

Coffee was an instant hit among all of us, with only a few deciding to go with tea. WeWork proved a really great place for teams to meet up, form connections and even work together. One thing that the meet up had in abundance was the constant fun and cheering for each other even while working together.

That said, it was also a place for some serious discussions about the company’s future and talking to each other really helped all of us to put across our ideas more passionately. Almost everyone was a fan of Ankush’s (our CRO) idea of having a startup program that helps startups just like Wurkr. We discussed how it proved to be an instant success among startup companies across the globe. We even had some of the companies in WeWork check out our Startup Program Plan and promised us to try out one of our digital workspaces. 


We also discussed the growing entrepreneurship in India and countries like Brazil and Chile attracting billions of dollars in funding. Many of these companies are clients of Wurkr and have nothing but heaps of praise for the innovative tool. 

The discussions concluded around the evening when we decided to celebrate the first gettogether of the Wurkr Family. Party ON! Something that everyone seemed to have enjoyed was the ease with which everyone interacted with each other, irrespective of whether it was the Core Team, the engineering team, the marketing team or the sales team, everyone knew each other so well that it didn’t take even minutes for everyone to get used with each other.

Thanks to Wurkr, everyone feels right at home when they are in their virtual offices, collaborating, discussing and working together from anywhere.

We look forward to bringing you more of these stories of our team meetups as it’s not every day that you meet your friend at work from UK or India when you’re working distributedly.

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