The top 5 Remote Work distractions & how to stop them

Remote worker's work from home set up with a dog distracting them

Remote work does come with some distractions…

As we were saying, remote work isn’t perfect! Working in non conventional environments comes with its downsides. However, as remote working professionals, we have come up with a list of the top remote working distractions and how to overcome them. Thus, you will be more focused and able to enjoy the joys of remote work. 

1. Family

No matter how great your family is, they can be a massive distraction from your work. It is impossible to ignore a crying child or ignore a bored partner in between neverending meetings. However, a recent poll suggests that it isn’t always your family’s fault. 29% of the remote working respondents had a difficult time finding the perfect work-life balance. As most of us would love the idea of being able to spend more time with our families, it is not surprising that we distract ourselves with our family. 


Fear not, this matter can easily be resolved with increased communication. Letting them know when you’re working and when you cannot be disturbed. You could also schedule breaks with your family members, so you have dedicated work and break time. 


2. A man’s best friend…

Pets can also pull you away from your work. Noone wants to ignore the whimpers of their dog or cat, asking for attention or demanding to be walked. You don’t want to set a precedent of allowing them to distract you throughout the day. Instead, follow a routine so your pets know when you’ll be able to interact with them during the working day. In theory your pets should adapt to your schedule and allow you to concentrate better throughout the day. 


3. Running Errands 

Traditional office jobs often mean that errands get pushed to the evenings and weekends. Luckily, remote jobs allow workers to run errands and tackle chores at home more easily. Remote workers have more time on their hands by ditching the commute. However, it is important to not fall down the rabbit hole of cleaning your entire home and neglecting your work responsibilities. Organizing your week in advance will allow you to allocate time for each chore without eating into your work time. 


Remote worker distracted whilst working from home by watching Casey Neistat on Youtube instead of being productive.


4. Don’t get stuck in the World Wide Web

A major perk and danger of remote working is being able to have any tab open on your computer without prying eyes. Although it is great being able to stay in contact with family and friends on social media during the day, a 5 minute break can often become a 1 hour procrastination session. Be sure to mute notifications of these tabs so that you are not distracted any further. In addition, allocate time throughout the day to search the web. Setting time aside for funny cat videos, will mean that you’re less likely to get caught up in the Youtube whirlpool. 

5. Coffee and TV

The television is often in the heart of the home. However, TV is probably the most dangerous remote working distraction. Unless you are a skilled genius able to completely zone into your work, it is nearly impossible to ignore your latest Netflix binge. The best way to tackle this issue is to not turn it on. Working in silence can be extremely daunting, however, you can always turn on the radio or play a productivity playlist on spotify. 


Hopefully, by acknowledging these potential distractions you will be able to prevent them and promote meaningful productivity. 


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