Ushering in, the transformation of work culture in 2022:

Remote/hybrid work has been a huge topic of discussion these days. Everyone is debating on whether it is the right way to work. But we (Tim and I) have already brought Wurkr to the world, through which the teams can work even if they are globally distributed. We had a webinar with mint about how the work culture is undergoing a massive transformation.

I am Annil Chandel, the CEO of Wurkr. Tim and I started Wurkr with a vision to have a remote work tool in place so that the teams can stay in touch while they work. While working in a hybrid environment during COVID-19 pandemics, we all have felt a lack of workplace interactions, feelings of isolation, and inability to switch off from work.

"Hybrid work is the future and no one is going back to traditional work culture"

Looking at this, we thought of developing a SaaS-enabled tool where the employees of the company can interact with each other while the tool mimics a physical workspace. We call Wurkr, a cloud office because we can work from anywhere, literally.

Annil, Wurkr Co-founder and CEO at Livemint webinar

We built Wurkr not just to create a virtual workspace. But, we targeted all the mental health issues an employee faces while working in a hybrid workspace. With Wurkr, a real-time conversation is possible. To have a discussion, you walk into the room and start talking like you do in a physical office. We all have moved to our colleague's cubicle at some point in time, just to share a joke. Wurkr can replicate the same thing. The only difference is that Wurkr is a virtual space.

What's more, we also bring in Slack and Google app integrations to keep things simple, yet accessible with a single click. With Wurkr, we aim to usher in the change in the way we have been working so far. With Wurkr, we ensure, that it can support any kind of work culture we want to adopt. This includes a digital nomad, a globally distributed team, or an in-office team working in a traditional work environment.


Webinar: The new rules of employee engagement in hybrid working environments:

The webinar panellists:

  • Annil Chandel, Co-Founder and CEO,
  • Syna Dehnugara, Senior Journalist, Mint
  • Augustus Azariah, HR Leader, IBM India Private Limited, Bangalore
  • Iwo Szapar, Co-Founder and CEO, Remote-how


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