What Our Dogs Must Think of us Working From Home


The results are in, the number of treats and belly rubs are through the woof.

Like many, the working from home work-life of my household has drastically changed over the last year and a half, with there now being three remote workers under one roof, a queue for the toaster forms in the kitchen at exactly 12pm. But it’s not just us making the hallways more crowded, the floor space is also occupied by two large golden retrievers who are always underfoot. While the lockdowns and restrictions may have been unpleasant we at least understood their intent, our pets however, didn’t have a clue. 

He keeps talking to himself

While my dogs aren’t able to navigate the language barrier like ‘Bunny the talking dog’ I’m sure they are aware of how much I’ve been talking to my computer lately. Maybe they think I'm going crazy and that’s why they’ve been spending so much time sleeping in my room. It’s to keep me company in my last few lucid moments.

There’s no way they could know that I’ve been using Wurkr, a virtual office space provider that has managed to bring the office feel to every corner of the globe at once. If they weren’t always asleep during the meetings they may have gotten a better gist at what was going on. 

A definite increase in walkies

Switching to hybrid working has given my family more hours in the day. Instead of a commute, I stretch my legs, get some fresh air and take my dogs for a walk. With the flexibility of remote working I can even take them out during my lunch break, there’s nothing better to refresh focus than forty minutes of tugging your dog away from muddy puddles. 

It’s easy too, with Wurkr you can simply place yourself in the break room to let your co-workers know that you’re going out for a break. Living in the UK the weather can be more grey than lush green, but that didn’t stop us from taking them out three times in one day at the peak of lockdown restrictions in an attempt to stick it to the man. 


On-demand food is neat

Admittedly, the power dynamic in the house between the humans and the dogs has become more one-sided lately. With the ability to shamelessly yell for food at 100 decibels, not even our headsets can protect us from caving in.
A dog sleeping peacefully in the corner of the room during a meeting is no harm to anyone and if in view of the camera, can even help ease the judgments of your boss. However, they know that when you’re in a meeting you are at your weakest, this typically manifests as a quick belly rub whilst other people are talking. 

Humans seem happier

According to the PFMA, there are now 12 million dogs in the UK, so it’s not just my household whose routine changes have been confusing. Many of man’s best friends may have noticed their owners having more spring to their step or lust for life. Hybrid working model can be a more natural work pattern for people who struggle with the monotonous 9-5 five days a week office lifestyle. Those who do prefer hybrid working model suggest that the flexibility boosts their productivity, focus and most importantly for their pets, lowers their stress levels. A worker too tired for a walk or stressed for a cuddle is no help at all for our furry friends. Playing or interacting with your dog at the end of the day functions as a great barrier between work and life, and helps your little buddy not feel lonely. 

I hope this continues, forever

Millions of pandemic pups and ol’ boys alike will have gotten used to these levels of attention and exercise, moving back to the office full time is likely to confuse your pets and could lead to them missing how things were. Now is the time to engage in a conversation with your employer about the future of your working from home pattern, and don’t forget Wurkr is always here to make the conversation easier. 

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