Why does the world's 2nd largest workforce believe in Workplace Flexibility? Woman Empowerment

Workplace Flexibility and Flexible Working Hours

The Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi in his speech addressing the country on August 25, mentioned that in order to boost the workforce with more representation from Women, different industries need to create provisions for working from home and flexibility in working hours. 


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The reason for such a request from the PM of India? 

There are a lot of reasons for the endorsement of Workplace flexibility and Flexible working hours. Few reasons that may have led to Mr Narendra Modi invoking this idea are: 
1. More representation from Women means double the growth in the economy. 

2. Flexibility helps the gig economies grow and help women

3. Global Accessibility to Jobs

4. A great step towards ensuring employee satisfaction 

5. Reduction in time spent on commutes.

6.  Reduction in Pollution due to traffic. 

All these ultimately help women achieve their goals of a better career and life standards even while being geographically away from their offices or headquarters. 

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How do Virtual Workplaces help in Woman Empowerment?

The short answer is that it helps women get better jobs, and better work-life balance and also helps them do multiple things in the short time that they are allowed.

The long answer is the following: 

1. Virtual Workplaces can be accessed from anywhere in the world and yet they bring people closer to each other. 

2. Virtual Workplaces allow flexible working hours and save more than just hours in a single day that an average wurkr(worker) spends commuting. The environmental benefits of avoiding daily traffic come along with this. 

3. Accessibility to jobs worldwide and they break the geographical barrier created by jobs worldwide. It helps in feeling closer to the team, the company and the office. 

4.  Single Mothers and Women who take care of children along with their spouses, can benefit from virtual workplaces as they can stay connected to their office and finish tasks all the time while also mending to their families simultaneously. 

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