Why Introverts Excelled at Working from Anywhere

The ability to communicate well and publicly present your ideas has so far helped a lot of people climb up the corporate ladder. While remote work might have hit the extroverted workforce hard, it was a great experience for others. Introverted persons have felt all their lives what extroverts are feeling in this new mode of work. 

Oftentimes, introverted people unwilling to share their thoughts openly are considered to be shy and under-confident. People fail to realize that incompetency is not defined by how one expresses himself, but by the work delivered. There is absolutely no truth in the concept that introverts can’t lead teams and projects. All thanks to the new “work from home culture”, the long-sought fact of introverts being capable leaders as anyone got confirmed. 

Introverts prefer working from anywhere because crowds drain them

How are Introverts Different?

In each and every task you do, energy is involved. (You might be wondering why we are now moving towards science) It’s important for us to understand what drives this energy?

The sources of energy for extroverts involve interaction, expression and socialization - they clearly gain energy from the ‘crowd’.

It’s exactly the opposite in the case of introverts' energy. You guessed it right - their energy drains out while being part of interactions.

Until the pandemic happened, remote work was never considered to be productive by a majority. The corporate world earlier ignored the fact that it’s not ideal for introverts - who form over 56% of the total population!

Here are some facts you would be amazed to know about introverts:

  • They need to spend time alone to recharge
  • Unexpected visitors are just not welcomed by them
  • They prefer text over calls
  • Get distracted easily
  • Don’t judge others usually
  • Have deep thoughts and  connections
  • Always attracted towards paths less chosen

How Did Remote Work Affect Introverts?

How did remote work affect introverts?

No doubt the pandemic disturbed the whole world and the introduction of remote work wasn't easy for people. However, some of them found it way more comfortable and their productivity was at an all-time high!

Introverted workforce found their heaven in working from anywhere in a peaceful environment anywhere in the world.

Virtual communications were something already preferred y introverts and hence they could now share more ideas. The section of workers who weren’t considered to be skilled enough is acing the game with remote work mode on. How? 

  • They are all refreshed and recharged when alone
  • Concentration is maximum while working in a distraction-free environment
  • Virtual communication allows them to give more inputs without hesitation.

Unique Qualities of Introverts

We often look up to extroverts for being proactive, enthusiastic and energetic around work communications. While these aspects are highly important, empathy and deep thoughtful connections are the specialities of introverts. 

During the initial phase of working from anywhere, project leads and various stakeholders were usually worried about client satisfaction. It turned out that employees who didn’t communicate much earlier were now forming positive relationships with clients and supporting them. 

  • Introverts are the best listeners.
  • Their empathy is what the world needs especially during tough times.
  • They are immensely supportive and caring.
  • Form intense and deep relationships

What Does the Future Look like?

Remote working has taught numerous lessons to modern leaders about different personality types and their strengths. As things slowly move back to being normal, we will witness a diversity of ways for the workforce to contribute. Stakeholders now understand that being active verbally is good but it’s not the only way of giving input.

The future of work is neither entirely working from the office nor fully remote, it’s a hybrid. An ideal mix of both environments is the way to go for organizations keeping in mind various personalities and choices. It will be quite interesting to measure and analyze the productivity changes brought by the hybrid future of work.


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