Wurkr, a 2021 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner

It was during the tail-end of 2021, that we at Wurkr had one of our proudest moments; becoming one of the coveted Red Herring Top 100 (Europe) winners.

Awarded only to those startups that shine amongst all other competition, whose product demonstrates modern innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and a ceaseless drive to write themselves into the history books. We couldn’t have been happier, having our accomplishments and hard work be recognized by Red Herring, a body that has a remarkable track record for having a keen eye, who spotted the potential in the websites you use every day. Having Red Herring acknowledge Wurkr puts us amongst names like; Alibaba, Facebook, Google, SalesForce.com, Skype, SuperCell, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube - dominant forces in modern markets that have changed the way we live and work forever. 

Red Herring looked at approximately 1200 privately financed companies from the European Region, all eager startups vying for a spot in the Top 100, and on December 16th, 2021 came to their conclusions. 

“In 2021, selecting the top achievers was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, publisher, and CEO of Red Herring. “In fact, we had the toughest time in years because so many entrepreneurs had crossed significant milestones so early in the European tech ecosystem. But after much thought, rigorous contemplation, and discussion, we narrowed our list down from hundreds of candidates from across Europe to the Top 100 Winners. We believe Wurkr embodies the vision, drive, and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. Wurkr should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was very strong.”


Red Herring's method of evaluation is highly respected, and for good reason. Looking at important markers such as financial performance, technological innovation, management quality, overall business strategy, and market penetration. This mix of quantitive and qualitative criteria helps their judges measure the current success of a startup and the potential of the product and the team - if you want to carve yourself a piece of the future you’re going to need to have it all. Red Herring also looks deeper, within the actual industry that the startup wishes to target, comparing them with similar startups in the same verticals, allowing Red Herring to see past the “hype” and make the list a valuable instrument of discovery and advocacy for the most promising new business models in Europe. 

With Wurkr’s high-quality product with limitless potential being recognised as one of the top 100 startups in Europe, we have been invited to showcase our platform to the US markets at the Top 100 North America event where we will compete internationally for a Top 100 Global spot in October. We are extremely excited and grateful for Red Herring giving us this opportunity to show the world just what Wurkr stands for. 


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