Wurkr and the work in the Metaverse


The Metaverse is a topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, thanks in part to the announcement from Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook would be rebranded as ‘Meta’, to encapsulate everything that the social platform believes in - connecting people through a 3-D, augmented, virtual reality. The announcement has changed the future of the internet and will give a new shape to hang out, play, shop, and work in the Metaverse.

We conceptualized our own version of the virtual metaverse called Wurkrverse (Wurkr universe) back in 2017 when we first launched the Wurkr platform, but it’s been in stealth since 2019, and we plan to roll it out in 2023.

Our goal has always been to integrate Wurkr with Google Maps so that Wurkr organizations could appear as virtual offices on Google Maps and be geotagged.


At the heart of Wurkr is the ability to connect teams across the globe, whether they’re working remotely or in an office environment. We saw that the future of work was changing and knew from our own experiences as hybrid workers that a lot more needed to be done in terms of fluid working between those who were office-based and those who often feel disconnected when working remotely.

The internet and technology have revolutionized how we’re able to work together as one - talent no longer has to be present in the office each day, enabling organizations to hire their dream virtual workforce despite them living in a different country in a different timezone.

But the realities associated with a remote working environment can often centre around loneliness, isolation, and miscommunication.

We know that collaboration, culture, and communication are all key factors in a motivated, efficient and effective workforce, which is why it plays, such an integral part in the Wurkr experience.

By combining a 3D virtual office space with a 2D world, Wurkr provides a solution that works for everyone, regardless of where they choose to work from. It is an amazing initiative from wurkr to smoothen the process of work in the metaverse.

During Covid-19, many organizations were forced to adopt a work-from-home business model, which has now been adapted to a more fluid, hybrid working model that keeps productivity and deliverables on track while supporting the needs of each individual team member.

Since launching Wurkr, we’ve received some fantastic testimonials from progressive businesses that chose to invest in the platform as they wanted to change the future of work without compromising on the vision of the business or sacrificing the wellness of employees.

We know that virtual working reinforces team camaraderie and allows teams to maintain the social side of the business, so the focus isn’t just on output. In a physical office, people bump into each other at the water cooler or have a chat while making coffee. Those moments are often neglected in a virtual office, which is why Wurkr and then Wurkrverse encourages social togetherness too.

Wurkrverse has been conceptualized to connect remote teams around the world to work in the metaverse workplace. You’ll be able to see other Wurkr offices on a world map and Zoom in on each individual office. You’ll then have the office to enter the building, a specific floor, or a designated office, taking virtual meetings to the next level.

If you have a team meeting in New York, you’ll be able to enter the Wurkrverse, search for the correct Wurkr office, enter the building, and be signposted to the room where the meeting is taking place.

This level of connectivity will decrease disruption when global teams are collaborating on projects as it’s the closest you’ll get to face-to-face meetings without having to be in the same room or even the same country.

The Wurkrverse will help offices in multiple locations create a hub that is accessible to all - whether they are employees or people outside the business. You will experience the future here and how it actually feels to work in the metaverse.

2023 is going to be an exciting time for Wurkr, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the Wurkrverse during the second half of the year.

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