Wurkr launches a new configurational feature. Look Closely!


An already cool digital workplace, Wurkr has rolled out a new feature making the platform more efficient and user-friendly. With the new "profile configuration", you can make changes to all your profile settings from one place. 

Be it availability, status messages, or integrating your personal Google workspace - do it from just a single point of access! We have outlined all the features here in this article. 

1. Settings:

In the first settings tab, you get to provide your first name, last name, profile picture, status message, status availability, and configure notification and chat sounds. Such an easy-to-configure settings panel makes your work settings more comfortable to manage.

On the left panel, you can also check the amount of available accessible minutes of Wurkr. These settings are available under the “Personal” tab. 


2. Workspace:

Wouldn't it be cool if you can change the name of your workspace as per the changing events? You can name it "TechTeam" if the tech team sits in a specific room. The top-tier management people can also name their digital workspaces under their names, as there is a convention in the physical office.

Clicking the “Workspace” button, you can access the workspace settings. You can add a new workspace or also change the name of the rooms in the existing workspace. 


3. Media Preferences:

With the third option, “Media Preferences”, you can test your audio-video input and output devices. The microphone and camera are accessible from these settings. 


4. Integration:

The fourth option on the left panel is “Integration”. Here, you can enter your official Google email address and you can access all your Google Suite apps from the Wurkr platform.



5. User Guide:

In the Help section, when you click the “User Guide” button, a PDF manual will be downloaded on your device. Using this manual, you can understand how to configure and work your way around the Wurkr platform and every smallest detail about Wurkr.

6. Support:

Beneath the “User Guide” button, you can find the “Support” button which enables you to raise a ticket. This is for when you are unable to troubleshoot the problems within the Wurkr platform.

Benefits of the new feature:

Easily accessible settings.

- Configuration of your entire profile from a single point of access.

You don't have to go through switching between various menus to change the settings for your profile or workspace. With the new feature, you can do that just from one window.

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