Wurkr, My Accidental Journey

Remote worker working from home using the virtual office platform Wurkr to stay connected and wotk from anywhere

I wanted to share a tiny piece about where we are at Wurkr from a personal perspective in case it may be of interest to those on a similar journey. As many of you who know me know it’s been quite an unexpected journey to this point. Really not a planned career move as is often the case I guess. Because Wurkr evolved out of a genuine need for me to work flexibly I have a real passion for the platform.

Working flexibly can enable so much more talent back into the workplace. It can also enable the talent already in the workplace to be happier and therefore more productive. Working from anywhere that works (or an office, your home, the beach or a blend/combination of the above) are a win-win for employers and employees alike.

Embrace it!

It is important to really believe in not only your product or service but also to believe in the vision, aspirations, possibilities and positive impact that your product or service can have. With Wurkr I really do! So I find myself at almost 56 years old and after a long career in Staffing, with SThree, as Co-Founder of a Tech Platform which is changing the world of work and helping to save the planet.

Good eh.

Tim Lloyd Co-Founder of Wurkr
Some lessons I’ve learnt.
  • Be evangelical. Love your product or service. If you don’t love it make it into something you do love.
  • Surround yourself with a diverse team of talented people who also love the product or service and want to be part of the vision.
  • Don’t be afraid of doing things differently…in fact, make every effort to do things differently. 
  • Try to LISTEN. Listen to your colleagues, your customers and anyone else who has something to say. 
  • Know what you don’t know. It’s important to recognise you can’t have all of the answers as you won’t know all the questions.
  • Finally, try to be patient. There are certainly ups and downs and these can be punishing if you are too unrealistic with your expectations.

So by way of a conclusion, I thought a quick snapshot of where we now. This is our message we sent to those who invested in us via our crowdfunding campaign:

  1. We have now crossed the 100k subscriber number last month and we continue to add a 15-20% increase in subscribers each month
  2. April will see Wurkr  Premium being launched
  3. We have now started to sign up paying customers which were always key to our growth path
  4. We appointed an investment advisory company to get us ready for the next major jump in funding and valuation of Wurkr
  5. We recently partnered with one of the worlds largest video streaming companies to bring rich video and scalability features (more info soon)
  6. Our Indian advertising campaign will start in April 2021, which will see us gain major attraction in subscriber numbers
  7. We have been fortunate to have been featured in many press articles and webinars, you can visit and follow us on LinkedIn to see more https://www.linkedin.com/company/wurkr

Tim Lloyd Co-founder of Wurkr at a video shoot for a Wurkr promotional video

Star of the very small screen

So as momentum builds it is undoubtedly an exciting time but also a time of many challenges. We need to build the team…everything including the key CSuite: CTO CSO CMO  all with a passion for what we are creating. We need to continue to develop the tech…massive progress here but so much more in the pipeline! We have lots of work to do to build alliances, partnerships and make Wurkr  the go-to platform for an organisation large and small to enable remote working without remoteness.


Thanks for reading and please do get in touch if you’d like to join us on our journey!

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