Wurkr supports Project Seagrass - An initiative to protect a marine plant to fight climate change

Project Seagrass: an environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems 

Their VISION - “A world in which seagrass meadows are thriving, abundant and well managed for people and planet."

Saving the endangered species of seagrass is an initiative that is close to Team Wurkr’s heart. Wurkr as an organization, that believes in #TechforGood and #GivingBack, is proud to announce a Silver Partnership with ProjectSeagrass

“There is no planet-B”.

ProjectSeagrass.org carries out deep scientific research and uses conservation methods, to help with the long-term preservation of the seagrass. This research is turned into conservation while establishing communication with the local community.

Tim Lloyd, our co-founder had this to say about Project Seagrass and how it might benefit the world: “It is hugely important that everyone does as much as they are able to help alleviate the huge harm to the environment caused by Carbon Emission. With this in mind, we at Wurkr are proud to Partner with Project Seagrass.”

Visit www.wurkr.io to experience Wurkr’s free virtual workplace for 30 days. 

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